Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy 100th Post!

So, since I'm not clever and brilliant, I'm not doing anything special for my 100th post. If you haven't already, you can read my 50th post. It has lots of fun, random information about me.

In honor of my 100th post, I baked a lovely sheet cake. Mmm, and it's very yummy. Thanks for the suggestion, Bunny. I haven't baked in quite a while, especially something made completely from scratch. So to you my blogger friends, I want to share my cake.
I even plated a piece for you. Enjoy! And eat up, there's a lot left.

And maybe something fun here too. If you wish, you can each leave 1 or 2 questions about me. Then I will answer those all in a post. Any takers? Ask away. I don't think there's much I won't answer. Don't embarrass me now, but this is a chance to get to know me a little better.


desperate housewife said...

Mm, cake... My question is, What's your biggest personal extravagence? (sp?) Like you know how some women seem so frugal but then you find out they get pedicures once a week or whatever. Or maybe it's just some embarassingly dumb TV show that you love, or something. What's your guilty pleasure?
Also, I missed commenting on your last post, but I second the suggestion that maybe Zach is just ready to give up the morning nap. That's exactly how Addy let me know it was time- she just stopped sleeping. If it's any comfort though, her afternoon naps got longer. Usually.

Kelsey said...

Here are my questions:

What ages/grades are you licensed to teach and in what subjects?

What did you think of teaching/how long did you do it?

Would you go back?

I am very interested in your pre-mommy life. I enjoy knowing where people have been!

Bunny said...

Happy 100th!!! Cake is always a good idea. Enjoy a piece for me!

Devan said...

mmmm cake.

Thinking about having baby#2 anytime soon?