Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Jana from Dress-Up and Diaper Changes has a good question for all of us. First of all, thanks for de-lurking Jana. I checked out your blog and I'll be stopping back. OK, here's what she asked.
Maybe you or your other readers can answer a "blog etiquette" question for me. I read a lot of blogs (like 50 of them) and comment regularly on about a dozen of them. Which ones should I add to my "Favorite's List"? Just the ones that I comment on or all of my absolute favorites (about two dozen total)?

Well, I list the blogs that I comment on regularly, really enjoy reading, and I also will list blogs of people who read mine. I have twice as many that I actually read. I don't usually post at the other ones, so I haven't listed them here. I'm not sure why not. I guess I didn't know how it would look if I had such a huge list of blogs I read.

But to be honest, I do read a lot. I have them all on an RSS reader, so I check that throughout the day. Yes, I'm at home a lot, and I get bored. I have a laptop, so it's easy to leave it on all day, then my reader updates when there is a new blog posted. I don't always read them all right away, but it does give me something to do when I'm bored.

I hope that answered the question you had (and more). Maybe someone else will have some advice for you. Also, anyone have advice about how many listings is too many to have in one spot? Should I list all the blogs I read, or just leave it like I'm doing it? Let's hear what you have to say.


Mommy Brain said...

I think it was at 5minutesformom.com that they talked about blog ettiquette and that you should link back to people who links to you.

Honestly, I forget to update my blogroll. I used to use the links on my own blog to do my daily blog reading. But once I subscribed through RSS I stopped keeping on top of my own links.

Not all of my reads are on my own blog but most of my favorites are. Plus, I like to keep my list short. Mostly because when I go to a blog with just 8-10 on the list I can easily browse through and see if there's anything that appeals to me. If I go to a blog with over 25 then I probably won't even bother clicking the links.

One thing I've noticed on some blogs is that the put their top 5-10 on the side then add a "full blogroll" page seperately as a link. Or, they categorize them like "mommy blogs" "funny reads" "friends" to make it easier read.

The bottom line, though, is that it's your blog and you can do whatever you want.

desperate housewife said...

I agree- too many links and I don't even bother looking! I'm bad about linking, though- the only reason I ever bother is that I just use my own links to check other blogs daily, so if I've found one that I'm reading often enough to check it every day, I add it to my links to make it easier for myself. Otherwise I'd probably never bother. I'm lazy about these things!

Swistle said...

Oh, man, I never know what to do about this! What I finally did was put everyone on RSS, and when I start finding myself thinking "Oh, HOORAY, a new post by X!!," I put X on my blogroll. So I read about 70 blogs and enjoy them, but I only have a handful on my blogroll.

Jana said...

Thanks so much for all of the tips. I, too, read through RSS so the links are not so much for me, but for others. I'll definitely do some editing and re-arranging. Thanks so much!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I have 110 in my feeder at the moment. Obviously I don't link to that many- it's just too overwhelming. Usually I try to keep up with who has linked me, or people that I refer to a lot. I'm always behind on that though.

jen said...

I don't have any links to anybody because I'm lazy.. I surf from page to page since most of the ones are interlinked, and if I do it right I can get all of them without having to hit the "back" button. :) I do have everyone in google reader but I really just like reading them on their own pages for some reason. If I've commented on your blog, chances are I'm more than a one-time reader! And I can't think of any that I read a lot but haven't commented on.