Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Riddle me this

I told you that I would answer any questions about me in my 100th post. A few of you took me up on my offer, so I will go ahead and answer those questions.

  1. Semi-desperate Housewife asked me this: "What's your biggest personal extravagance? Like you know how some women seem so frugal but then you find out they get pedicures once a week or whatever. Or maybe it's just some embarrassingly dumb TV show that you love, or something. What's your guilty pleasure?" Wow, this is a tough question. I'll think about it for a minute first. I'm not into clothes so much. I'm not into make-up (you're more likely to see me with no make-up on). I don't do manicures or pedicures (I've only had one manicure in my life). I don't do much with my hair. I'm a pretty low-maintenance girl. I do get into the summer reality TV shows, but I'm not sure there's anything too embarrassing there. OK, here you go...I have a huge stockpile of stationery, stickers, notepads, and other things. I've always loved to write letters. I've had pen pals for over 10 years. Some for longer, some shorter. So, I can't help buying cute stationery or stickers to use for my letters. I really love Sanrio stationery. A 20-something mother who gets a kick out of buying Hello Kitty paper. Ha! But I do. I have a friend who does the same thing. We don't see each other often, but we like to meet up and shop for stationery once in a while. Now do you think I'm truly strange? (Well, you already knew I was.)
  2. Kelsey of Midwest Mom asked this: "What ages/grades are you licensed to teach and in what subjects? What did you think of teaching/how long did you do it? Would you go back?I am very interested in your pre-mommy life. I enjoy knowing where people have been!" This shouldn't be too hard. I'll try not to make it long-winded. I have a certification in grades 1-8 with a math concentration. (I started in a different program and I was working towards a licence in grades 4-9 with a concentration in math and language arts. My first two years in college this is what I did. As I started my 3rd year in college, they offered a few of us the chance to be grandfathered into the old program. I jumped on it, so I could have a broader certification. Since then the programs have changed several times anyway.) I never had my own classroom. I was a substitute teacher the first year right out of college. Then I took a year to work a full-time job at a new restaurant/coffee house that Semi-desperate Housewife's husband's family opened. (They are friends of mine. It started as a summer job, but then turned full-time in the fall. I mostly did it as a favor to them, but then decided I'd rather be teaching. It was all good though, that's where I met Semi-desperate Housewife.) So, after a year away, I went back to substitute teaching. I stuck mostly with one school distract, and a few times I taught in other schools. Most of the time I spent in the distract we live in. I did my student teaching there too, so I knew lots of the staff and felt at home in that school. I stuck around long enough that I knew a lot of the students too. During that school year my friend from church had been telling me she needed a licenced teacher for a tutoring position at the after-school program she runs. I signed on there that fall, and I've been tutoring there ever since. The kids who were in Kindergarten then will be going into 3rd grade this fall! Yikes! I love this program though. I think that will be a good post telling about that sometime later. I stopped subbing when I was pregnant for Zachariah. I had a minor complication early in the pregnancy, and I was not allowed to drive for quite a while. Basically I was stuck at home. Fortunately I was still able to do a little tutoring. At this point I am undecided about whether or not I will go back to teaching or ever try for a full-time position. I've never been really sure if that's what I want, which is why it was easy for me to substitute. If I chose what I taught, it would be 5th grade or 4th grade. Or middle school math. From there I work down. I could NEVER teach K or 1st. I love kids that age, but not in a classroom environment. The students I tutor the most are K-3rd, and I love that. But I didn't enjoy that as much in schools. My plan for now is to stay home until our kids are in school. Then I may substitute teach if I don't just stay at home. At this point I'm thinking I may not ever teach full-time. Or maybe someday I'll want to go get my master's degree in something else. (Sorry that was so long. I warned you.)
  3. Devan from All D's asks: "Thinking about having baby#2 anytime soon?" Well, there's a simple answer and a long answer. I think for now I'll give you the simple answer, since I'd been thinking about blogging about this anyway. So, my answer is Yes.

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Kelsey said...

Oh, me too with the stationery. That's funny. Thanks for answering our questions!