Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Need your help

So, my 100th blog post is coming soon (VERY soon in fact). Should I do something fun and unique for it? I would like to do something special, but I'm at a lose for what to do. In case you missed it, for my 50th post I wrote a random list of 50 things about me. SO, I can't really do that again. I don't think I could come up with 100 different things.

I'm amazed that I decided to give blogging a try just over 4 months ago. And I'm already up to my 100th post. Go me! I would like to post more often most times, but I don't want to overwhelm my readers. Plus there are times when I just can't think of anything great to write about. (For instance, this silly post. Not really sure where it's going.)

I suppose I'm just here to ask for suggestions. If someone can think of something that would be super great, then I will probably use their idea. Otherwise, you might just get a regular old boring post like this. So, let's hear it. Any ideas for a blogiversary?


Black Sheeped said...

Congratulations! I've never done anything for a blogversary, nor do I know if I've had milestones. Probably. :) So I have no insight at all.


I wanted to say, good job!

Devan said...

hmmm, I've never noticed any blogiversarys either. lol
I don't know, maybe your 100 favorite things? That could be hard!!
I'm drawing a blank...

Bunny said...

Hmm. good question. I'd probably just eat some cake.

Mommy Daisy said...

I don't have the ambition yet to do anything exciting. SO, cake is sounding really good abuot now. Maybe I'll make one. ;) Then everyone can come over and share with me.