Monday, June 4, 2007

15 months and more

Yesterday Zachariah turned 15 months. Yikes! He's growing up and changing so quickly. I just can't believe my eyes sometimes. I look at his baby pictures and wonder did he even look that young. Is that really my little boy? Almost hard to believe. And all that change in just over a year. Here he is exactly one year ago and today.

And no, we didn't do anything special to commemorate this momentous day. Ha, I don't know too many people who celebrate Quarter Birthdays.

Sunday was, however, a really neat day for our family. Our church had a special outdoor service. You see over a year ago we decided to purchase the huge field/woods across the street from our current church. (We are not able to do anything around the current church property because of existing houses and a school.) Anyway a year ago we had an outdoor celebration service after we purchased the property. It was in our parking lot looking out over the new land across the road. This year we had an outdoor service on the new land. It is a former corn field. Actually part of it was farmed this year, because we are still raising money to build. The land itself is now officially paid for though. This was a very touching and unique service for us. One of the neat things we did is broke into 14 groups and go to different points of the property. We put stakes in the ground with scripture on it, prayed for the new land and future church building, and planted sunflowers. For each task a person in the group was asked to do it and one to read the scripture that coordinated with it. For the flower planting task the youngest member in our group was asked to do that. Zachariah happened to be the youngest, so I helped him dig a hole and put sunflower seeds in it. Then the oldest person read a scripture for that. Then others watered the flowers. A very neat dedication service to the church's future. That is something I will never forget. I will be able to tell Zachariah some day that he planted flowers in the churches land when it was brand new before the church was even built there. What an amazing messages we're sending our babies and children about how much we care about their future spiritual needs.

On Saturday morning Matt took Zachariah to the local Farmers' Market. This gave me a morning free. I didn't need to go anywhere, so I planned on relaxing at home. As soon as they left I was trying to think of something that I don't normally get to do here at home. I ended up moving all the living room furniture and vacuuming around everything. Then I decided to rearrange the room. It looks pretty good, and I think I needed the change. But what a way to spend a morning alone. I honestly felt lost. I didn't know what to do with myself. I read a book for a while, then surfed the Internet catching up on blogs and other things. I actually found myself bored. So, I took a nap. That was nice. They came home while I was in the bedroom. Matt played with Zachariah for a while, then they both took naps. It was a peaceful sort of day.

Tonight I'm going out by myself again. My sister is having a jewelry part at her place. I thought she'd appreciate me going. I asked Matt if he minded me going. He said no it was fine. Yeah! Two out of three days I get time alone. Wow, this could start being a good thing. I think it's a long time coming though.


desperate housewife said...

Yes, you are overdue on your alone time! I know how much you want a new baby, but maybe see if you can squeeze in a few more months of this increased me time before you start working on baby number two! :) Cause trust me, pregnancy number two is not nearly so fun and special! I mean, mentally it is, but in everyday life, not so much.
Also: Are you kidding me? Rearranging furniture sounds like my idea of a perfect morning alone!

Mommy Brain said...

Happy 15 Months!