Thursday, June 7, 2007

Having a moment here

Why must my child try me so? I don't understand it. Last night he's tired and won't sleep. He fought off sleeping for 2 hours. 2 hours, people! He would be quiet and we thought he was asleep for 15-20 minutes. Then, all of the sudden lots of screaming and crying. One of us would go in a try to lay him back down. Most of the time he wanted to be held. He was tired, but he would lift his arms to be picked up. Then he would snuggle on us like a little angel. So sweet, but we just wanted him to sleep. Thanks goodness Matt took turns checking on him. This went on and on. Finally we gave him some baby Tylenol thinking the cause of his restlessness could be those gigantuous 1 year molars he has popping through. He got up one more time after that and Matt went in a rubbed his belly. He said that seemed to relax him, so maybe his tummy was upset. Who knows. I just know it was getting frustrating when this child, who normally goes right to sleep at his bedtime then sleeps through the night, was tired and not sleeping. Luckily after that he did sleep through the night, but he was up at his normal time this morning. (I was hoping he would sleep in for once. HA.)

This morning - we're going through this again with nap time! I won't repeat the whole story, because it's basically the same as before...minus Matt to help. Today it's just me here to deal with the trials of a sleepy-but-won't-nap baby. After an hour and a half of not really sleeping this time, I gave up. He's playing happy with his toys now. He suddenly doesn't seem a bit tired.

I give up! I just hope this means a LONG nap later. That way I can actually get a few things done around here. And just so you know, I will be self-medicating to get myself through today (which no doubt will be a fun one). And before you start worrying about me, I don't really drink so it won't be alcohol. I'm thinking more along the lines of caffeine and lots of it. Probably via Mt. Dew. Yep, I think that will keep me going with him today. Oh, and to make matters oh so much better (she says dripping with sarcasm) it's supposed to be 90+ degrees today. Too hot to have a toddler outside to play. This means we're stuck inside! Ahhh! At least it was nice yesterday and we were able to go to a park for an hour and a half in the afternoon. I still don't think that will help me out today. We'll see how it goes from here.


Black Sheeped said...

Our high temp today is 46.

I wonder if babies are just like us, and sometimes they can't sleep cause they're just too busy thinking.

I bet there's a lot to think about when you're a baby.

Good luck with the Mt. Dew!

Kelsey said...

Oh we've had days/nights like that. Sooo frustrating. Makes you appreciate what a great sleeper they are normally though! Imagine doing that all the time. I am sure it's just a phase!

Anonymous said...

Maddie's that way EVERY SINGLE DAY at nap time. It's soooooo frustrating! She's so tired that her eyes cross, but she refuses to sleep.

I feel your pain on this one. In a big way.

Julia said...

Does he have a morning and afternoon nap? I'm wondering if he needs to just go to an afternoon twins were about 14 months old when they gave that morning nap up. I hated it, but they slept for sometimes 4 hours in the afternoon!

I just put them down at about noonish, if they made it that far! And sometimes they would sleep till 3:30-4p. Then bedtime wasn't such a fight either.