Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home is where the heart is

We've been talking about our next house. We're thinking we could possibly build or at least buy a new construction. I guess I never thought we'd be discussing that. I was sorta surprised to hear that Matt was interested in it. Plus I've always been interested in older homes with character. But now we're thinking that a new home will be a little less upkeep. I suppose we come to this conclusion, because we're living in a house built in the 1950s that's been a work in progress. We're also outgrowing our house. We bought it 6 years ago as a starter home, and it has served good in that purpose.

Now, we're not talking about moving or building anytime soon. And it's possible that we'll be here for several more years before we're ready for that. But it was fun to talk about, since I didn't realize that Matt was thinking that way. And now that I'm thinking about it too, I see some neat things for our future.

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