Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fashion advice

OK, so I'm a little fashion challenged. I've never really been into fashion for myself, but I like my son to look nice Usually I do OK. At this age a lot of his clothes are outfits that I bought together. Or for this summer he has several pairs of shorts that match different shirts. But, I'm at a loss of what to pair with a few cute shorts that he has. So, if you're not as fashion challenged as me or you just have some good suggestions, please let's hear it.

Let me tell you why I have these clothes with nothing to go with them. Someone else gave them to us. They are all barely used and like new. Zachariah has plenty of clothes, but I hate to see these not get worn at least a little bit. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy more clothes. ;) Like I needed an excuse. Anyway, we just need to get 1 shirt to complete each outfit. Or if I can find something that will match several things, then that would be even better.

This is what Zachariah wore today. I don't know if it even looked OK together. The shorts will be pictured below, because they are some I have problems with. He doesn't really have any shirts that match, so I tried this orange one. What do you think? Does it work? Maybe? Be honest. Cause I didn't worry too much this afternoon, since we didn't leave the house.

Alright, let's dive right in. I don't have any shirts that match these. We have a few striped shirts, but none with these colors. And we have a solid orange and a solid red shirt, but I'm not sure they would match these colors. So, I'm thinking I need to go shopping, but I want some suggestions. What would you put with these? Have you seen something in a store? Online? I'm not much of an online shopper, but maybe someone can find a good idea for me. In our town we have The Children's Place, Old Navy, Baby Gap, JC Penny, Sears, Wal*Mart, Kmart, Kids R Us, Meijer, Kohl's, Macy's, Elder-Beerman, and that's about all the places I can think of that carry kids clothes.

In this first picture you'll see a duplicate pair of shorts from the previous picture. On the right - green shorts from Old Navy. On the right - greenish shorts from Baby Gap. What would look good? Plain colored t-shirts? Patterned t-shirts or polo shirts with this color?

These I can pair with a plain shirt. I did buy just a plain white t-shirt that would go with any of these. With the middle pair I had a white polo shirt for him, but it has a stain. Plus I'm open to what else might look OK. I see stores pairing patterned shorts with all sorts of different tops. On the right - Koala Kids red, blue, and white plaid shorts. In the middle multi-colored plaid from Baby Gap. And on the left camouflage green shorts from ?.

Then there are these coveralls. On the right - light blue and white striped from Baby Gap. In the middle - green with a little light green frog jumping across the front. On the left - blue with red and light blue stripes by Baby Gap.

I know there has to be someone out there who wants to give me fashion advice for my son. Who wants to take me shopping? I need help.

And on another note, I think I might have to buzz his hair. It must be getting too long or curly or something, because last night someone called him a girl...again. *sigh*


desperate housewife said...

I have no fashion advise, unfortunately- this is why you usually see my child in one-piece outfits, because I am no good at putting things together. The times when I myself look cute, you can bet my mom or my sisters picked my outfit/purchased it for me/forced me to wear it.
I CAN say, however, don't cut his hair! Baby hair is beautiful and he certainly does not look like a girl and that person is crazy!

Devan said...

I think you're doing fine fashion wise. I definitely think what he's wearing looks cute together.
For those kinds of shorts I usually try to find a striped onesie with some earthy colors like khaki, brown, or olive green. d has some cute ones from the children's place that are striped white, brown, orange. and red, navy, white. and khaki, blue, white.
You could always go with a plain tshirt in white, red, orange, blue, etc.
For the plaid shirts I would definitely go with a cute little white polo. For camo, either a solid matching green or possibly a black shirt.
Plaid overalls - again a white shirt underneath,l or maybe a solid red if it matches the colors. White would look fine under those others too, though a dark blue would look cute under the stripes and almost anything matches with an earthy blend of colors matches the olive ones.
I have very little fashion sense for myself, but I find I can usually make my kids look cute. :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I like one piece outfits too. :) I'm not much good at stuff like this. That's a major reason that I love Gymboree. Everything goes together.

I'll definitely be back to check what advice you get so I can take notes!

Mommy Brain said...

This is why I'm such a fan of just letting mine run around naked. (just kidding) I have no advice because my kids have a brilliant knack for spilling milk, wiping dirt or getting (insert staining product here) on whatever I dress them in. So my fashion strategy is to have 3 or 4 "nice" outfits for them to wear when we go out and at home they wear onesies, one piece rompers or whatever is clean. :-)

jen said...

Well, far be it from me to tell anyone NOT to shop...

For plaid shorts, just pick solids in white or one of the colors int he plaids.

The two greenish shorts above will go with anything, that's all my son wears! White shirts, or ringer solid tees like the kind from old navy (we never did onesies) We have some cute sold tees from target with stripes across the chest... or a polo shirt in solid or stripe, really anything goes with those, they are like khakis.

Overalls, the green ones, same idea and the two blue ones I'd just use white shirts with those two.

But then again my kids could be a fashion nightmare and I just don't know it. :) By the end of the day we're usually in a shirt and diaper (or in the case of the daughter, totally naked. sigh.)

And don't cut his curls! I wanted to trim d's hair but I can't bring myself to do it because he has the most adorable curls just above and behind his ears.