Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day is a great holiday to celebrate for me. I have a wonderful father. I know that I am very blessed, because some people are not lucky enough to even know their fathers or have lost their fathers. Believe me, I count my blessings. My Dad is awesome! He was always there for us growing up (and still is). He made his family a priority over work. He worked very hard, so that we could have nice things. He taught us valuable lessons about life. Best of us he helped raise us in a loving house. He showed us what being a great father was all about. And he taught us that the Lord is good and He will guide and protect us too.

Here is a message I sent to my dad today:

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world. Thanks for all the
things you have shown me and taught me over the years. I know I'm
responsible for a few less hairs or gray hairs on your head. But you
always so patient with me. You made sure that I grew up knowing
the Lord
and that the only way to live my life is through Him. Thanks
for that
precious gift. I think now that I have my own child, I'm
starting to see
all the sacrifices that you made to be such a wonderful
dad. I can never
thank you enough. I love you very
Love, Me

Now that he is a grandfather, it's neat to see that relationship grow too. My parents had 3 girls, so you know my dad didn't have it easy (especially through the teen years). I was a pretty easy child, but my sister's had their share of troubles. Anyway, when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, he was thrilled. I didn't realize how special that would be to my dad for his first grandchild to be a boy. This is the boy he'd never had. And he loves my son so much, and I know he will teach him many lessons in life too. For now Zachariah has the luxury of being the one and only grandchild, so I think they will form a bond that will be far reaching.

Thanks, Dad, for everything! You've helped make me who I am today! I love you!

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