Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today as I enjoyed hearing my son's laughter in the room, I started thinking about how much fun this age is. I like where he's at right now.

Zachariah is 16 months old. He is not talking yet, but he tries to repeat certain things we tell him to say. Like "hallelujah" and he says "la la lu" or something like that. Adorable. Other than that he uses sign language to communicate what he wants. He knows "eat" VERY well. And now he's using that to let us know when he wants something (non-food related too). He wants to look at the picture you have, he signs "eat". Pretty funny, but also shows him trying to use what he knows to communicate.

I know he's absorbing words that I teach him. He obeys commands pretty well (as to be expected). I can tell him to go get his cup, and he'll go find it. He usually knows right where he left something. And he's a typical toddler that I can tell him not to do something and he won't listen, though.

I loved the newborn/baby stages, but I was so busy fulfilling needs that I felt like I had to put my own needs on the back burner. Now I can have fun with my child and have time for myself too. He's getting more independent each day. He's content to sit and play with toys or read books on the floor, so I can get my blogging fix or check my e-mail or maybe do a load of laundry. (I usually save that fun stuff for nap time.)

I can read him a book, and see that he's taking it all in. He loves to point out cars and any kind of animal. He recognizes elephants, dogs, and cows especially and will make the corresponding animal noise. Or I can show him how to stack blocks or put shapes in the right place or pedal his little tricycle. He is a sponge.

I crawl after him on the floor growling and "attack" his belly. He will fall over laughing hysterically. Or I tickle his little feet. Or "eat" his toes. All of these get laughter every time.

He likes to shout out "ahh" with bright eyes from whatever he's doing and finds it hilarious. He always looks at us to see if we respond. If we do, he laughs even more and does it again. He laughs any time he hears someone else. And it's not a real laugh, it's a totally fake "HA HA" kind of laugh. So funny to us though. Sometimes it just makes us laugh harder, then he laughs, then we can see how that keeps going.

It's all these things together that make me want to hug him and kiss his soft little cheeks all day long...and I do...every chance I get. And today while I was sitting on the floor, because he wanted to rock in my chair (by himself, thank you very much), I realized how much I love this little boy. I started seeing him for the little person he's becomming. And it amazes me that I play such a big role in this.

I wonder "Will he remember these days?" "What will he think about my looking back on his youth when he's all grown up?" "Does it matter to him that I play and entertain him like I do?" And I think YES, yes it does. His face lights up when he plays with me on the floor. And I see the wonder and amazement when i show him something new. Or the happiness when I praise him for something well done.

For these reasons and so much more, I love this dear little (ornery) boy. God truly blessed my life when He gave him to me.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Such a sweetie.

As to the part about 'will he remember this', in Jenny McCarthy's book about having a baby, she's overwhelmed and tired and feels like the new baby is just a blob that sucks her energy, and does it really matter that she's trying so hard...

She calls her mom on the phone, and she tells her, "Jenny, everything responds to love."

I love that, and it helps me on those days when I HOPE the kids don't remember how cranky I was. I love them, and they will respond to that, even if they don't remember specifics.