Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Who came and replaced my baby with this angelic being today? Come on, fess up, who did it?

Well, maybe he's just being nice since he kept me up for a while last night. And the night before that he was an absolute grump - almost inconsolable.

But I can't help wonder if this means tonight or tomorrow or next week he will turn on me. Am I in for a hellish weekend? I guess only time will tell.

This morning Zachariah slept in. He usually gets up between 7:00 and 7:30AM. I don't get up until he does most days, so I wait until his morning nap to get my shower. That's usually around 9:00 or sometimes a little earlier. Today I got up out of bed at 8:20. I didn't hear a peep coming from the nursery, so I got my shower. Still no peeping, and I got dressed, ate breakfast, and checked my e-mail and started reading my blog roll. About 9:15 I started hearing him make noises, and finally by 9:30 he was yelling for me. I got him up and dressed. Then I fed him breakfast. Usually that seems never-ending, because he has constant demands. He woke up happy this morning, didn't complain about diaper changes or getting dressed. After a happy breakfast, he happily played with his toys, ran around the room, and didn't get into trouble like he normally does. He read books with me and wanted to cuddle a few times. I could tell he was getting tired after a while. But he wanted to stay up, so I let him until he was pretty tired. He went down for a nap around 11:30-12:00. And get this...he just woke up at about 2:45PM. (He pretty much took his morning and afternoon nap all in one.) I almost had to wake him up, because he still hadn't eaten lunch and I go tutor in a little while.

He has been in a great mood since he got up from his nap, and I'm hoping that this will continue the rest of the day. Boy, what I wouldn't give for more days like this.


Anonymous said...

Cherish it while it lasts! The only thing constant about kids is change, right? : )

Kelsey said...

It does seem like he might be getting to an age where he's ready to trade in two naps for one nice long one, which might be nice. I loved when Harper did that, until she started giving up her nap all together. Ugh!