Friday, July 13, 2007

It's back

Oh my aching back. I am having back pains again. I need to see the chiropractor. The problem is that I don't have anyone to watch Zachariah while I go. And taking him along with me would be more painful than the pain I'm in now. So, I'll bear it for a bit longer.

Matt has offered to take a little time off work to get me in next week. Which is great, but it's 3 days until next week. 3 whole days of not being able to move if I lay on my back. That completely immobilizes me. So, I'm better off sitting in a chair. And to sleep at night, I crawl into bed and go straight to my side. I can sleep like that, but apparently I'm wiggling a lot. Matt said it's bad when it's starting to affect his sleep.

For now I'm being lazy. I have sat in my comfy chair with a book and my laptop most of the day so far. Luckily Zachariah has been a good kid today, and he's wanted to nap a lot. For the most part he has played quietly with his toys. I feel guilty when he is sleeping that I'm not getting anything done.

While talking to Matt today, he told me I should be lazy today and do the least amount of things I have to. He said he would do anything I needed done when he got home from work tonight. Guess I don't have to mess with dragging that basket of laundry across the house and back. Although I'm not sure I can go all day without doing it. And I'd much rather do most things myself. But it's nice of him to offer, so I may just put him to work because I can.

My weekend plans consist of laying around doing as little as possible. Oh, and of course, ordering my husband around to do all my usual chores. ;) Luckily I went to the library before my back started hurting, so I have books to read besides the blogs and Internet surfing and Sudoku puzzling I like to do too. How about you? Tell me your plans, so I can live vicariously through you.


Jana said...

Sorry to hear about your back - ouch! I hope you can get in to see someone next week to help you feel better.

As for my weekend plans, we're going to a wine-tasting with some friends. My parents are keeping both munchkins overnight (the first time away from my little guy!) so we might go have dinner and see a movie, too. This will be our first "date" since last October!

desperate housewife said...

HahA, my weekend plans are sounding a lot like yours, my friend!