Monday, July 2, 2007

Breaking baby news

No, not from me. I'm wondering how you broke your pregnancy news to others. Was your husband with you when you found out? If not, how did you tell him? Did you just shout it out or try to hint at it? I suppose what also plays into this is whether or not you were trying to get pregnant. Then how long did you wait to break the news to family and friends? How did you tell them? What were their reactions?

I guess I'm just completely curious on how other people handled this matter. Also if you had to do this more than once, how was it different each time?

Let me tell you what I did. We had been trying to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years or so. This was almost exactly 2 years ago to the date. At the beginning of June Matt and I finally started talking about whether or not we should go see a specialist for testing. We had not done anything yet. I charted my body temperature off and on for a year, and then that got old. We were mostly of the mindset that God was in control and there wasn't much we could do to change it for now. Anyway, in early June we had considered buying a home ovulation predictor kit and trying that for a few months before going in for testing. We looked at several different brands, but I didn't want to buy one until after I had my period again. I told Matt that I'd been late. A few weeks went by, and I still didn't have it. It was probably mid-June when I took a home pregnancy test. It was negative, so I thought oh well. I would wait until my period started then use the ovulation tests. During this time we were busy helping my sister plan her wedding in a month. After her wedding on July 2, 2005, I figured I should probably see about another test. I called my family doctor's office to see about going for a blood test. She asked me how long since I last tested. It had been 2 weeks, so she recommended taking a home test again. Well, that Friday (was July 7) I took a home pregnancy test while Matt was at work. I made my friend chat with my online while I was waiting for the results, because I was so nervous. When I finally went a looked at the little stick, I couldn't see much. I thought I saw a faint line, but it was REALLY faint. I read the box again, and it said even a faint line is probably positive. I turned on my web cam, and I was having my friend look at the pregnancy test to see what she thought. I was so excited at the possibility at that point. She thought it was positive. I didn't want to get my hopes up and be wrong. So, I ran off to the store right away and bought 2 more pregnancy tests and a pack of baby bibs while I was there, because I was pretty sure I was finally pregnant. As soon as I got home I took the test. This one was for sure positive. And by then the first test was showing stronger.

I took both tests and put them in a plastic sandwich bag. I wanted Matt to see, but I knew he'd gross out if he had to touch them. I put the plastic bag and a bib that said I LOVE DADDY on it on top of his dresser in the bedroom. This was the first place he went when he got home from work. I wanted to see his reaction when he figured it all out. It was torture waiting for hours for him to come home from work. When he got home I greeted him at the door with a hug and a smile like usual. I was trying not to smile too much, or I'd give it away. I was sooo excited. He went to the bedroom and dresser to change his clothes. I didn't want to look too suspicious when he went in, so I quietly waited outside the door. He was quiet, but when he came out he took one look at me and the biggest smile spread across his face. He came and hugged and kissed me and said he couldn't believe it. He was thrilled. He said he was going to try to pretend like he didn't see the things on his dresser, but he took one look at me and knew he couldn't pretend. He took me out to dinner that night, and we talked about our future and all the fun things we would experience soon.

Now our parents knew that we wanted children and were trying to get pregnant. Matt wanted to tell them right away. My instinct was to wait at least until we knew my due date. The problem was that we were going to see my parents the next day. They were getting ready to sell their house, so we'd promised to come help with some things around there. Matt didn't think he could keep a secret being around them. Our agreement was to tell both sets of parents and my one sister and ask them to keep it quiet until I had my first doctor appointment. So, I took a bib for my parents and put it in a bag. It was easy to trick them, because they had just bought a new house. So, I handed my mom the bag when we got there and told her I found something she might like for her new house and I hoped she'd have room for it. She was so excited when she saw the teeny little bib. She knew right away and hugged us. Matt's mom on the other hand would not assume anything, even after seeing the bib, until we came out and told her we were pregnant. And of course my sister was thrilled when I broke the news to her.

Within a week my mom was begging to tell people, and we decided to let her. We didn't have a chance to break it to many of our friends, ,but they found out really soon. But, I think that's a story for another time. I look forward to seeing what you have to say. If you'd rather, just write a post about it and link it in the comments here. Or leave a comment. Thanks for participating.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, this is fun. I don't remember if I've posted about it before. I'll put it on my list of stuff to do, along with that meme you tagged me for, and let you know when it's done. :)

desperate housewife said...

Man, I just posted, or I'd write about this. So I'll just leave a REALLY long comment instead!
First time, with Addy: We'd been trying for about five months, and in that time, my periods had gotten further apart, probably due to my anxiousness in awaiting them. I had started at a 28-day cycle and was now 30 to 32 days. So I always claimed to be late at day 29, but then, after obsessively testing every day, my period would show up eventually.
Finally, that month, I actually waited until day 33 to even test. I waited until nighttime, even, almost day 34. We were watching TV, I got up to pee, and then thought, "What the heck. Might as well get it over with." I didn't tell Jim I was testing; just did it while he thought I was using the restroom. And then I started screaming hysterically when the second line showed up, and he ran in all freaked out because he thought something was wrong! I was waving the stick in his face and he's like, "What IS that, what's going on?"
Second time, when I miscarried, I planned it out a little more. I tested at home in the morning after he left, then went to the store and bought a congratulations card. I snuck into his car and left it on his steering wheel, and tied a pair of booties to his rearview mirror, while he was at a dentist appointment near our house.
Third time, this time: We were only two or three months after the miscarriage, and my hormone testing hadn't looked good that month, meaning they thought if I was pregnant I would miscarry again. But, I was a day late, so I tested, and it turned faintly positive after a long time. Like, an HOUR. So I tested again the next day. Negative. Then very faint positive, an hour later. Finally I gave up and assumed they were just evaporation lines. This was right at Christmas, too, so after I finally decided I wasn't preggo, I drank wine a few times. But then Christmas came and went and still no period, so I called the Dr.'s office to get a blood test, and they called me in the afternoon while I was out after-xmas shopping to tell me it was positive. So when I got home Jim came to the door, not even knowing I had stopped at the lab for the blood test, and I greet him with, "Well, I'm pregnant again after all!" We were happy, but a little nervous too about the hormone level thing. We didn't let ourselves get too excited until we got the results of my progesterone test the next day.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

What a great story! Amazing how hard it is to believe when you see a faint line...eventhough the instructions say it's really positive.