Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a boy wants

Last week I took Zachariah to the local library. I needed some new books to read. And I've been doing plenty of reading since then. While we were there I went to the children's section to get a few board books for Zachariah. Oh course he pulled the first one he saw off the shelf.

This boy is a book lover. It's not unusual to find him sitting with a pile of books around him just looking at page after page. And if you can get him to sit still long enough, he'll let you read the same book to him 3 times in a row. I love that he loves books.

One of the books that I found for him at the library is quickly becoming a favorite. I think I'm going to have to give in and go buy one for him. It's "My First Tractor Board Book". He has had a fascination with cars, trucks, and anything with tires for a few months now. Then he rode with Matt on the lawn tractor. He loved it. Then Grandpa took him for a ride on his lawn tractor (around and around their yard just for the entertainment of the boy...spoiled...nooo!). About a month ago we went to watch a parade. Zachariah's favorite part was the tractors (mostly antique) that were in the parade. He stopped whatever he was doing and watched at them with wide eyes until they were out of sight. That's when I really saw his love for tractors.

He goes up to anything with tires and says "rmm rmm" - which translates to "vroom vroom". Cars, trucks, tractors, bicycles, anything with tires. So, this book for him was pure heaven. He looks at each page with awe and wonder. He especially loves the page that shows the colors of tractors. Every time I ask him which is his favorite color, he points to the green John Deere tractor. Every time! I didn't know he knew enough to pick one out like that, but he does. Our lawn mower is a John Deere, so that could be the reason. It's rather cute.

Last night he heard a noise in our neighborhood that was the sound of heavy machinery backing up. He stopped dead in his tracks (following his daddy, which he loves) and turned around to head towards the sound. A lot near us is clearing some dirt that they'd piled up. There was a skid-steer loader moving dirt. How do I know it was a skid-steer loader, from the tractor book, of course. He watched that thing for 15-20 minutes. This is the kid who won't stand still for 5 seconds normally. He was completely mesmerized.

Whether I am ready or not, I'm raising a boy. And he is 100% pure boy!


Devan said...

It's great that he loves books! d does too, and has since he was little. I'm hoping O will follow suite.

Mommy Brain said...

My kids love books too. Yesterday I caught R (18 months) "reading aloud" from my Sue Grafton novel.