Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Who?

So, I got this idea after reading Kelsey's comment on my last post. Kelsey was interested in what I was reading. And she asked if it was Harry Potter.

The short answer is no, it was not. I was reading "Castles" by Tracie Peterson. I love Tracie Peterson, and I've been trying to read more of her books that I haven't yet. When I finished that I started "Kansas" that she co-authored. Peterson's books are all Christian historical fiction/romance. I have enjoyed every book of hers that I've read.

Anyway, onto Harry Potter. I guess I'm not on that band-wagon. It seems like I read the first book. How bad is it that I don't even know for sure? It was good, but I didn't get as into it as other people I know. I remember reading parts of the (maybe) 2nd or 3rd book to students when I did my student teaching. I think that's why I read the first book. I believe I read it after a friend recommended it in our Children's Literature class.

There is an issue in my house with the Harry Potter books. Matt does not like them. He's never read them and swears he never will (he's not much of a reader, so he most likely won't). He will not watch the movies. His opinion on the matter is that the books are about witchcraft which we don't believe in, so why would we want to read about things like that.

My argument is it's just a book. It's meant to be imaginative. It's fun and not real. I've actually thought about reading the whole series.

My understanding is I know where he's coming from. Witchcraft is a real and awful thing. We do not believe in it. Well, I take that back, we believe it is real and exists but it goes against what we believe. There are some personal issues that we've had to deal with pretty closely to this issue. I don't want to go into them here, but know that the spiritual world is real.

Anyway, where Matt stands he does not even want the books in his house. It upsets me that he can't see my side of the issue. It's not like I've been dying to read the books or watch the movies, so it doesn't bug me much. And where I come from Matt is the head of my household, so I am respecting his stand on this.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

That's understandable. Good for you to uphold his request.

I don't agree with witchcraft at all, but I don't think the HP books are any more "witchy" than a lot of other things I do have around the house, like the Wizard of Oz and some of the Disney princess movies. It'll be a few years before I let my kids read them, but I think they're okay for us. Everyone has to make their own decisions though.

Devan said...

Wow - I'm coming at this from a totally different perspective. I love the HP books and don't seem them as evil in any way. They're just books, after all, like you said.
D won't read them either though, and that's not because they are about witches, but because he hates to read and they are long. lol
If he wasn't OK with them I would still read them though.

Mommy Daisy said...

I agree that they aren't that bad. My arguement to him is that he likes to watch scary/horror movies, so what's the difference. His biggest concern is that he doesn't want our child (future children) exposed to that. And I agree with that up to a certain age they shouldn't be exposed to it.

Julia said...

I'm not into HP either, I tried to read them but didn't make it very far. So you aren't alone!!

I'm also into the Christian/romance books, favorites would be Lori Wick, Beverly Lewis, and Karen Kingsbury.

Devan said...

Since you're not that into them anyway, there's no problem really. lol There certainly are plenty of other books to read out there.
Also, I agree that they aren't for young children. They kind of scare me a little...

MrsGrumpy said...

I don't read them because I tried and couldn't get into the first book...even though my daughter begged me to. I don't necessarily look at all forms of witchcraft as awful in all of its forms. It's just not what I believe. If we're talking "Heathers" type witchcraft then I'm all with you.

Kelsey said...

Whew! Who knew?! I prompted an entire post!

Whether you like Harry Potter or not, you have to admit it is pretty incredible that so many people are so excited about a book.

I also don't think they are evil, but I totally respect other peoples' rights to read or not read anything they want. . . as long as they don't tell me what I can't read! :-)

My sister is a huge Karen Kingsbury fan; I'll have to ask her if she's ever read Tracie Peterson.

Kelsey said...

P.S. Sorry about that misplaced apostrophe in "peoples'" Sheesh! I guess I should stop writing comments when I'm half asleep.

Mommy Daisy said...

Several people have posted about this. I'm not picking on anyone either...just to clear that up. Also, I don't really have a problem with the books. The problem is with Matt. All he sees in the books are the angle that it's about witches and wizards. He doesn't get that it's fun and not bad. I get it. I just never got too excited about the books. I could totally read the whole series and enjoy it. But at this point, Matt is set against them. I can understand why he is, I just don't agree. But sometimes I have to go along with him.

I think you guys understand. I just wanted to clear that up some. Thanks for all your comments. I knew this was controversial, and I was ok with that. We can voice our opinions and agree to disagree. (But really I'm not disagreeing with ANY of you. I'm just chosing to respect my husband's decision for now.)