Thursday, July 26, 2007

What could it be?

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm wondering what my husband is up to. He kept asking me if I'd be home tomorrow to accept a FedEx delivery. I told him I should be home most of the day. (I had planned to run a few quick errands.) But last time FedEx just rang the doorbell and left it on the porch anyway. When I asked him what he was expecting, he would not tell me. Hmm. But he did say that I could open the package when it does arrive. Should I? Normally I wouldn't. I'm one of those who doesn't like to peek. I like waiting for surprises. I am thinking about opening this up. I guess I'll see if the package gives me any clues first. Our anniversary is this weekend, so it could have something to do with that. We shall see. Anyone want to take guesses?

1 comment:

Devan said...

I hope it's a present and I would definitely open it if I were you!! Let us know what it is! :)