Saturday, July 14, 2007

The twin thing

Last weekend we had a get-together with Matt's family (extended family). We usually only see them at Christmas and a few at Thanksgiving. It was nice to get together in the summer. The kids went swimming in a little kiddie pool. I let Zachariah get in, but I held onto him the whole time. The minute I let go, he slipped and went straight under (luckily I was still sitting right there, I knew better than leave him). He sputtered and whined a bit, but then he wanted right back in. He just splashed around and played with the toys the other kids had brought in. He's so much younger than the others, so he just watched them mostly. Some of the older boys and adults went fishing in the pond. And the rest of us tried to stay in the shade (95 degrees that day) while catching up with our family. It was so nice to visit with everyone again.

When I was getting food for Zachariah, I heard my name being mentioned. Matt's cousin was talking to Matt's mom. She waited until I could come sit down before telling me what she was thinking. Cheryl (the cousin) is pregnant. It's the first for her. Her husband has 3 children from a previous marriage - 16 & 12 year old boys who live with their mom and a 7 year old girl who they have custody of. Anyway, she found out right away that she's having twins. (Twins run in Matt's family. This is the 3rd cousin who is pregnant with multiples.) She was telling Bev (Matt's mom) that she has been thinking about who will care for the twins when she has to go back to work (probably after the winter holidays). She said God told her that Matt will find a good job near them, and then I will be able to care for her kids. She laughed and said even if it wasn't God telling her, she'd like that a lot. We have been looking for a job closer to home. She is pretty close to where we'd like to be. Matt's had 2 interviews and one job offer up that way. Nothing has worked out so far, so we figured we'd probably stay here for a while.

The more I thought about it, the more I like the idea Cheryl had. I never thought I'd want to babysit, unless maybe it was my sister's kids. But I could see watching Cheryl's, especially since I'd be starting with them as infants. Cheryl has the same values, beliefs, and similar views to us. I like that. And she's family, so it wouldn't be like babysitting for a stranger. I think I would love having her little babies around. So, whether it's from God or not, I don't know yet. I told Cheryl that she should definitely pray about it if she feels that strongly. It was also quite an honor for her to tell me how much she would love to leave her children in my care. I can only imagine the joy and headaches double trouble will bring my house.


Kelsey said...

Okay, sorry this is totally unrelated to this post, but I wanted to tell you that I just did the seven things meme you tagged me for about a month ago. Sorry! I didn't know if you were still reading but I thought you might like to see my seven. Thanks for thinking of me!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

It's fun- watching other people's kids. :) I don't watch any of my family members though. I would think there's a possibility of things being more sticky since you have to have a long term relationship after you finish taking care of the kids.
But it would be so fun! I'd love to be able to keep my sister's kids.

jen said...

it's nice that someone thinks highly enough of you to recommend you, too! ;)

Mommy Brain said...

As a mother of twins, I think you are truly brave! But you're a great mom so I'm sure you'd be up to the challenge. Actually, once you get past the first few months I think it's way more fun to have twins. Especially now when they seem to entertain each other pretty easily.