Monday, April 21, 2008

U is for Updates

After thinking about some of my recent posts, I realized that I often post about issues or things happening in my life (and other people I know) and I don't post updates to them. So after looking over my archives, here are some updates for you.

No one got all of my photos right, but a few of you guessed a couple right on. Thanks for the ones who played. It was fun.
Jana, nope, that is my sister Rachel.
Jen (I hope I got the right Jen), yes, that IS me with the cake and tie-shoulder tank; that was my 3rd birthday; my mom made that cake (she made them all, because she's awesome like that). I am also in two others you guessed. And Yes, that is me the tall girl in the one photo of me an my sisters (I'm the oldest by almost 4 years).
SaLy, you got 5 out of 7. I think you were closest. And the window background photo that you and Jen noticed is me. And it was taken in 1980 (maybe closer to 1981).

Click on the photo to enlarge. The red circles are me. The blue ones are my sister, Rachel, and the green ones are my youngest sister, Mary. (Also in the photos are my parents friends' kids- Shannon & Lucas, my dad [on his 24th birthday], my grandfather [now deceased], my cousins- Sandra & Nick, my parents together.)

I'm still working on some of these things here. I'm not drinking all the water I should, but it's getting better. I do make a point of drinking more each day. I have not been taking my vitamins. I did really well for the first week, then I got off track. I have not scheduled doctor appointments. My housework is going fine. I haven't started boxing up garage sale things though. Meal planning and calendar work are going well. Craft stuff has been a no go.

I never did get sick. Thank goodness.

The teeth brushing trick is still working well for us. Some of you said you might try it. Any successes? Now Zachariah tells me what I should brush out. As I start brushing his teeth, he'll say "raisins" brush, brush, brush "yogurt raisins". LOL. We still have too many toys though. We had a bad battle about not picking up toys this weekend. Ugh.

I haven't posted many new recipes in a while. Although I am still experimenting with new recipes for my family. We had a yummy rice/ground turkey/veggie casserole tonight. Mmm.

We did get a new TV. Well...a new to us TV. It's an old television that a couple Matt does computer work for had in their garage. Matt bought it from them for $15. It works. We can't use our sound system with it and it doesn't have a remote. We've hooked up the cable through the VCR, so we can change channels with that remote. But we have to get up off our butts to change the volume. For now it's working fine for us.

The boy who was shot where I tutor is fine. I've seen him a lot lately, and he is great.

Ha, this was a nice thought. Unfortunately it didn't last. I still have been unable to get back into exercising. I was feeling so much better when I was working out. I need to get back to it, but I'm afraid I'll hurt my back again. Something has got to give.

I got a few great deals over a week ago at TCP. I wanted to show you what I got but I keep forgetting to take pictures. Soon.

Zachariah hasn't tried this trick again. So when should we consider the great bed switch?

Cheryl's little girl is doing great. She's completely free of all monitors and able to finally leave the house now. She is 7 months old now. We're hoping to meet her on Memorial Day weekend.

Ha, ha, I never did anything special for my 200th post. By now I'm on my way to my 400th post. And I passed my 1 year blogiversary back in January.

My mom's friend, Cyndi, is still hanging in there. I talked about her in this post. She has been on hospice care since then. She has good and bad days, and she's hardly left the house since October (once or twice), but lately she's OK. It's hard knowing she won't get completely better, and she relies on others to completely take care of her. But my mother has valued this time she's been able to spend with Cyndi.


OK , those are all the updates I can think of for now. Anything you want me to update you on?


d e v a n said...

Thanks for the updates! I didn't see one about any baby making decisions. Not that you have to share, since that's personal. lol

Saly said...

So you never got sick, but what about my other question on that post???


This was a great post!

Jana said...

I love update posts! And I love that picture of the little baby...too cute!

jennifer said...

Very good idea with the updates!

I couldn't get the picture to enlarge...darn it. I wanted to see!