Monday, April 7, 2008

F is for Family

I'm so lucky to have a wonderful family. My parents are wonderful people and two of my closest friends. I am grateful.

Yesterday my parents came over. My dad helped Matt with some projects in the bathroom that we've been working on for a while. My mom and I played with Zachariah. Then we went to Meijer for some groceries and looked around at other things. When we got back the guys were taking a break, so we gave them meat to grill. It was a gorgeous day, and my mom was excited to grill for the first time of the season. Good idea.

Later while Zachariah was napping my mom and I went shopping again. We ended up at Kohl's this time. She was looking for some new clothes. She tried on a lot, but she ended up with one outfit. Then we wandered by kids clothes and she ended up buying Zachariah some summer clothes that he needs. Fun! (I don't let her buy him clothes very often, because I buy him so much already.)

When all the work was done in the evening we went out to dinner at a little restaurant that I'd suggested. Make your own burritos, tasty! Anyway, Matt and I wanted to buy them dinner to thank them for everything (working, bringing/buying most of the stuff for lunch, buying Zac clothes). My dad fought me about it when it was time to pay (not bad fighting, just talking). I explained to him why we wanted to pay. He explained to me that he makes more money and can spend more and we can use that money for something else. Geesh, parents. They spoil us a little. But I can't complain about THAT. Plus I have the world's greatest parents.


d e v a n said...

Aw, sounds like you have great parents. I wish mine lived closer!

desperate housewife said...

Sounds exactly like my parents! And it is great. I hope I will be like that when my kids are older.

Misty said...

i love living by family! you are doing such a clever job on this Nablo!

Nowheymama said...

Both of our dads always fight over the bill with us, too. And our husbands will do the same with our kids someday, I bet.

Jana said...

How sweet! I love how parents still "parent" even when we're grown-ups!