Thursday, April 24, 2008

X is for The X Factor

I'd like to hear your dirt. Tell me about your eXes. Why did you date/marry/hook-up with them in the first place? How long did it last? Why did you get out? Who dumped who? Any other dirt about them?

What else could I do with "X"? Anyway, I don't have any eXes. Matt is the only guy I dated. I'm pretty boring like that. I went on a "date" two other times. The first time was to a high school dance with a guy Jeremy and that was before Matt and I were together. My best friend had a crush on him. He asked me to the dance. I thought he was cute, quiet, tall, and dreamy. It was fun. We got along and talked a lot. I don't know why neither of us never pursued it. Probably because my friend was devastated that I even went with him (even though we'd had a long talk before I went and she wanted me to go and talked me into going). High school drama, ahh. Then the other time was while Matt and I were dating. There was a guy friend of mine who was interested in me. He told me, but he knew we had to keep our distance because I was involved with Matt. I told Matt about it. He asked how I felt. I told him that I didn't know, so he persuaded me to go out one time with this guy. I did. It sucked. I never did it again. Matt was awesome about that whole situation. (And that's not the end of that story, but that's all the dating I did.)

So, dish!


andria said...

Well, my ex-fiance knocked up another girl and joined the marines without telling me. I was away at college, he was still at home (complete loser still living with his parents, sleeping until noon, no job. I could pick em). I couldn't get a hold of him and finally after about five days his mother called me and told me the whole thing and cried her eyes out the whole time because her son was no "stuck for life" with a complete loser and she wanted him to marry me because she knew I was smart and could hold a job because obviously her son couldn't. I come from a very small town so this was very humiliating because in our small WV town you MUST be married by 21 so I finished my degree and skipped to the first town that offered me a job and have been living happily away from there ever since. It was a blessing from God, I know, because if he hadn't done that, I'd have stayed with him, living up in a shack on a ridge with a very unfulfilling life now I am sure. Thank God for unanswered prayers.

And as for him, he married that girl, had a baby girl, divorced his wife a year later and now lives apart from his now fourteen year old daughter. But according to his Myspace page, he's all cool and ready for the right woman. Thank you Jesus.

Saly said...

Everybody has questions today!! Hub and I got together young, but I did have 2 serious boyfriends before him along with a slew of 2-week 7th thru 9th grade �relationships�.

My ex before Hub though�really was a great guy; he just couldn�t get his act together. In the end, he chose drugs over me, because that was not my thing, and I think he was also put off a bit because I wasn�t �putting out� (I was 15��) We remained really good friends, through college and he told Hub on several occasions that he would always love me. It�s probably been 7 years since we last spoke�I hear things about him every now and again. He seems to have straightened himself out. I�m just glad he�s still alive.

Jana said...

I started dating my husband when we were 20, so I don't have a whole lot offer on this one, but I did have a pretty serious boyfriend in high school. We dated for 2.5 years and everyone in our small town just assumed we'd get married and settle in the same small town.

We just kind of drifted apart and went to different colleges. Through the grapevine, I heard that he started smoking and got kicked out of college for bad grades. He seemed to get his act together last year and finally graduated from college.

I see his mom every now and then and she always sighs when she sees my kids and says something like, "Those should be MY grandchildren." I feel kinda bad that he hasn't "settled down" enough to get married and have kids, but I'm really glad that things didn't work out between us because I wouldn't have the life (or kids) I do now.

Anonymous said...

My ex was from college and the "one who got away". We dated off/on for over 3 years and I always wondered if there was more out there for me. I treated him poorly. By the time I figured out he was the guy for me, he'd grown tired of waiting for me to get my stuff together and had moved on. I never thought I'd find anyone else (I did).

Oddly enough, he tracked me down through my parents about 3 months after I had Parker. He was recently divorced (from the girl he started dating after he crushed my heart) and it was so weird to talk to him. We were just getting ready to eat so I told him I'd call him back. That was, um 16 months ago. I really would like to talk to him but I'm not sure what to say. I feel like I owe him an apology. Maybe one day.

CAQuincy said...

I did more "flirting" than dating right up until I was almost 17. Then I dated a guy for about 8 months. (Posted about this earlier this year). Mutual breakup since he was going to college, and I was about to become a senior. I try NOT to keep in touch with him. He had a tendency to "hold a candle" to his exes (even bringing over exes to meet current gfs--ew!), and I didn't want to be another in the "line." He's found my email address a few times and sent messages--to which I send curt responses. And he even called my house once a few years ago, but I did not pick up (THANK YOU, CALLER ID). I'm happy keeping him as JUST a memory!

I dated a few guys my senior year, but no one really stuck for more than a couple of months. It was a miserable year after having a steady for most of my Junior year!

My freshman year of college I was seeing a frat guy who was a bit "odd," for lack of a better word. THEN I met John. He's the first guy I'd ever dated who was actually smarter than I was (tells you the dating pool I'd grown up with--yuck!). Guess that's why I stuck with him!

I read your "suggestion" email too late to mention: X-rays (how many scars/broken bones did YOU have?), eXtremely happy (more cute son and hubby stories!), and eXotic locations (where do you go--or WANT to go--on vacation? There were more, but I've slept since then....

Mommy Brain said...

One of my ex-boyfriends is still a good friend. He was also DH's friend seperately before I met either one. So now I have an ex-boyfriend who comes to dinner every other week. :-)