Sunday, April 13, 2008

M is for Mem'ries

This photo collage has been hanging in my parents' house for a long time. First it was in the house where I grew up, then a few years ago they brought it with them to their new house. It got put up right away. We love looking at all the memories on here, and guests love seeing all of us as young kids. If you click on the photo, you should be able to see it a little larger. I am on there 7 times. Anyone want to try to guess which ones are me?
***If someone can find me all 7 times, I will send you a prize. I will send a Pampered Chef item to the first person to do so correctly.


Jana said...

What great pictures! I love the one of the little pig-tailed girl in the purple and white dress. Is that one you?

jen said...

I'm too lazy but I think that's you w/the cake and the tie-shouldered tank.

I just wanted to say that my MIL has a picture of my SIL with that exact same window and yellow blanket backdrop. It even has that same red haze to it LOL

I love frames like this. When I was a kid I always got annoyed that my mom never had one. Finally she did for awhile but it disappeared when they painted the hallway.

jen said...

ok here are my guesses because it'll nag me all day lol

1. 2nd from left on top
2. first oval on left
3. birthday cake/bow shoulders
4. cookie monster cake
5. small square with the blond boy
6. tall girl in the blue dress w/3 girls
7. 3rd from left on top (forgot to mention that)

and if I got them all wrong at least tell me if it's the same person he he

Saly said...

I had really good intentions of doing this yesterday---but then time got away from me. Hopefully I am not too late. I'm sure it's all wrong, but how fun anyway!!

1. the second photo on the top (3 kids on the couch)
2. the one right next to it with the cake
3. The round photo (far right 2nd from top)
4. The one of the 3 girls under the adults (far right bottom corner)
5. girl on the bighwheel trike
6. Far left second photo from the top
7. Second to bottom row girl in pink shorts with colorful cake

Saly said...

and also---that window backdrop with the yellow blanket---I have a photo of my brother and me, probably 1981....same background.