Saturday, April 19, 2008

S is for Service

My car! Ugh. It's always something. It's back at the dealership for service again. As I was driving home yesterday I rolled down the windows to get a little air. One of the windows made an awful noise and then would not move. By the time I got home I could see that it was completely loose in it's housing. Now it's at the dealership awaiting service. Luckily they are very nice and always give me a loaner car. I can't catch a break with cars. I could tell you many stories.


desperate housewife said...

I hear you. My car window has been completely f-ed up for EVAH. And we are the type of people who prefer to spend a hundred bucks on one dinner out than on getting our car window fixed, so there you have it. My own DAD asked me the other day, "What's up with that white trash tape job on your antenna?" What's up was that I went through the car wash (my idea of getting my car maintenanced) and forgot to put the antenna down.

Jana said...

Oh, no! I hate it when stuff like that happens, but I always find it kinda fun to drive a different car for a week or so!

Mommy Brain said...