Saturday, April 5, 2008

E is for Energy

I love when friends come to visit. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and energetic when they leave. My friend, Stephanie, came to visit Friday. We had an uh-mazing time. She was here for 4 whole hours, but it seemed like 1. We couldn't believe where the time went. We talked, cooked, chased kids, and talked some more.

Zachariah got along pretty well with her youngest son Lucas (almost 4). A few times Zachariah would bug Lucas or want to take a toy back, so we split it up. It was never anything major though.

I think Stephanie and I will do this more often. We're usually lucky to get together a few times a year. And at that we usually meet somewhere in between us to shop or grab lunch. This time there was nowhere to be, so we were able to relax and enjoy each other more.

We never ran out of anything to say. And after she left I thought of all the things we didn't talk about or do and could have. Next time. I hope it's sooner this time.

We've realized it worked well this way, because she came after her older boys were on the bus and left here to get home before they did.

As much as I value my friendships with other people, this particular friendship has been great. We actually first met before I had Zachariah, so it was different then. But we always hit it off despite our differences in families. We have so many other things in common. Then when I got pregnant (she was the first person to know, even before Matt) and had a baby, our friendship just developed that much more. I don't have many "mom" friends, so this is one I don't want to lose. We just get each other. And that's what's so great about it. Now I'm feeling completely energized.


Mommy Brain said...

Sounds like a great time! I hope you keep it up. There's just nothing like getting together with another mom while the kids play. Every friday I have playgroup with three women from my moms club. It's so great to have other moms to talk to.

desperate housewife said...

I'm so happy you had fun!

d e v a n said...

Yay for a great playdate!