Sunday, April 20, 2008

T is for Top Twenty/Bottom Ten

Today's post suggestion comes from a de-lurked reader who blogs at More Gravy. Thank you for the fun idea. I had to go look at her Top 20/Bottom 10 posts to understand. It's a neat idea. And now I have a new blog to read. ;) Since tomorrow's Monday I think this post will be an appropriate way to start the week thinking about lovely things and venting about bad things.

Top 20
1. My family
2. Caring/loving/praying small group
3. Quiet, sleeping baby
4. A clean house
5. Sunshine
6. Old television favorites on DVD
7. Daffodils- the first spring flower
8. Mt. Dew
9. Playground visits
10. A loving family who we see often
11. Long, warm showers
12. New clothes
13. Photos
14. Kids who sleep in occasionally
15. New magazines
16. Blogging friends
17. Lazy Saturdays
18. A caring, loving husband
19. Clean laundry
20. A stash of Easter candy

Bottom 10
1. Toddler temper tantrums
2. Scary movies
3. Last year's spring/summer wardrobe that won't fit
4. A great mother-in-law who won't call (we'd love for her to call and let us know what's going on)
5. Books that take too long to read
6. Muddy dogs
7. Losing touch with friends
8. Dirty dishes in the sink
9. Dusting
10. Too many toys

So, what would you add to the Top 20/Bottom 10. Do your own, I'd love to read it.


Shelly Overlook said...

What a great post. I'll have to steal the idea one day.

andria said...

I like that one too.

d e v a n said...

very interesting! I'll have to do my own when I have a little more time...

Mommy Brain said...

Great post, very interesting. I'm a little comforted that your bottom ten would be very similiar to mine.

RainyPM said...

I love it! Thanks for taking my T suggestion for today. :)

I used to write a Top 20 Bottom 10 column for an "underground" newspaper at my university and I love reading other peoples' lists as much as I still like writing them. I'm glad you had fun with it.