Saturday, April 26, 2008

Z is for Zachariah

K from Big Fat Secret said this when I asked for suggestions for future alphabet posts:
I don't think you'll have any trouble with Z for Zachariah. :)

You're right K, I shouldn't have any problems with that. And since I haven't thought of anything else with Z to fill this day, I will talk about Zachariah for a bit.

Some fun things that Zachariah is doing lately:

  • He says "right dere" or "over dere" when he's pointing something out to us. He totally sounds like a hillbilly when he says it, and it cracks us up. I'll ask him where something is just to hear him say it. (I am trying to get some of these things on video.)

  • This week he discovered the joys of sidewalk chalk, sand, and Play-Doh. I think he likes them all. He screams when I take any away or say it's time to go inside.

  • Whenever someone "new" (someone who isn't normally here- not Matt or I) comes over Zachariah warms up to them quickly. Then he starts dragging out all his toys to show them. Then he takes their hands and drags them to his room or to something else he wants to show them.

  • He's learning more songs and singing words from them randomly during the day.

  • I've been teaching him his full name. It's hilarious to hear him say (again it would be better seen on video). He's been able to say Zac for a while now, but it comes out "Gac". Fortunately he points to himself when saying it. It's even cuter to watch him try to say Zachariah - "Gac a I ah" he'll say as he bops his head. Then Matthew is "Mah hew" (not bad). But our last name is hilarious how he says that. I won't share that here, but it's funny.

  • He tries to count everything now. He starts with two.

  • He loves coloring pictures and putting stamps on paper.

  • He puts all the little toys he loves in his tractor Easter basket and drags it around the house with him.

  • He now has a children's CD he loves to listen to in the car. Before we even get in the car he starts requesting it. Makes for great driving music.

And now for some recent pictures. He's growing up so fast.


d e v a n said...

cute pics! Love his hair. He looks so grown up. :)

andria said...

He really is getting big!

Don't be mad at me, but he's losing the baby look and gaining the boy look.

Either way, too cute.

RainyPM said...

Did you know there's a book called Z for Zachariah? It was one of my favorite books growing up. It's about a boy that survives a nuclear holocaust because he's in a sheltered valley, and how he manages to continue on his own.

Cute pics too!

Mommy Brain said...

I love his expression in the third pic. What a great little boy!