Wednesday, April 23, 2008

W is for Winner

I won a prize this week from Quick & Simple. They have something new to win each day and a big prize for the week.

We know that people win with the magazine prizes, because Matt's mom told us she's won several times. You just have to be loyal to signing up every day. They are usually fairly small prizes, so it's not like it's something huge. Sometimes the week's grand prize is something pretty cool.

Matt always makes sure we sign up each day. Well on Monday Matt remembered he hadn't yet entered the drawing. So I looked up the code for the day and went to sign up. I realized that the prize was for something I didn't want. Matt talked me into signing up anyway, because when you sign up you're entered for the weekly prize. This week's prize is a $600 gift card to Subway! Who wouldn't love that.

So of course the first time we actually win a prize from them is on Monday - WHEN I DON'T LIKE THE PRIZE! Here's why. It is something I can't/won't use. The prize is a Rapelle Hair Color Stain Shield Wand. It's supposed to help dodge hair-dye stains. I don't dye my hair and I never have. I used to highlight it a few times a year, but that only lasted about 2 years before I got pregnant and stopped. And now we're pinching pennies, so I don't indulge in that. And since I've never dyed all my hair, this is not something I will use.

So, if you are interested in this SIGN UP! I will give it away by random drawing to whoever wants it. When it arrives to me (in 10-12 weeks, ugh!) I will mail it straight to the winner! YEAH! So, let me know if this is something you can use or know someone who would love it.


Saly said...

Hmm--I tend to get dye on my ears and forehead--i dind't even know they made such a thing!

d e v a n said...

How annoying that you won something you don't have any intention of using. lol
Still - congrats on winning! :)
I have never once dyed my hair so I'm not signing up...