Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O is for Outside

Outside has become one of Zachariah's new favorite words. Thanks to the teasing of spring we've been out a few times in the last few weeks. But one or two days of nice weather is always followed by a few days of cooler/rainy weather when we can't get outside. Today it was a bit warmer, so my mom and I stopped to let Zachariah run around at a local park for a while. I hope that it stays warm soon, so we can start doing that regularly. On the bad days, Zachariah has taken to running to me several times a day, tennis shoes in hand, yelling "outside, outside". I hate seeing the disappointment on his face when I say no. They he says "cold?", yes poor baby it's too cold out. Ahh, but we'll be back outside soon enough.
When we do go outside we try to visit a local playground. The problem with this is there isn't one in walking distance. So we have to pack up the car and drive there and back. I try to just stop if we're out and about for other things already.

Another favorite thing is watching the trucks working on a project down the road from us. Or there's the new beach ball that Zachariah likes to hit with a stick across the yard. Or just picking up sticks. And of course he enjoys riding in the new wagon he got from his grandparents for Christmas.


Misty said...

if it were that nice here' we'd be outside too!
I am loving your side bar with all of your alphabetical posts! What an accomplishment!

Saly said...

I can't believe how big Zachariah is!! Like a little man!

They are redoing our entire street and sidewalk this summer. ED will be positively thrilled with all of the equipment, I'm sure!

Nowheymama said...

Come on, Spring!!!

My word verification is "Spoxmax." Doesn't that sound like a spot remover?

Mommy Brain said...

I wish our kids could play together. He is just too cute!

Glad you're enjoying the outside. i'm certainly enjoying the letter blogs. (What will you do for your 27th post, though?)

Jana said...

I love the little baseball cap he's wearing; he looks like such a big boy!

Have fun enjoying the nice weather!

d e v a n said...

Cute pics!!!