Saturday, March 15, 2008

No luck AND Yeah!

1. No luck finding a new television today. We have a few options. We went to so many stores that when we left one Zachariah would ask "more TVs?" and when we stopped at the next place he said "TV TV more TVs". Ha ha!

2. It appears that we'll be buying a smaller television than we had before. It's hard to find TVs in the size we'd like unless they are the flat screen LCD models. And unless you're willing to shell out a boatload that's not really an option. We're thinking we'll either end up with a smaller, cheaper television, or we'll wait for a few more weeks to save up and buy a nicer one.

3. Zachariah's potty training has been pretty poor for the last month. He was doing decent before, even with a few successes. Then for some reason he did a 180 and was not interested in going potty at all. But this week he seemed interested again when I asked. He's sat on the potty a few random times, but nothing has happened. Tonight before bath time he looked like he needed to poop, so I asked him. And he said he wanted to sit on the potty, so I let him. He didn't do anything, so I got him ready for his bath. He was playing in the potty and then stood up and asked for my attention. When I asked what he wanted he said "potty potty" and had a very anxious look on his face. I acted quickly and got him on the potty. And he went! Poor guy, though, it hurt and he cried. So, I had him stand up right away and turn around to see what he'd done in the potty! He was instantly soothed and very excited. He ran out to tell Daddy, helped my flush it, and then got a reward! YEAH!


Kelsey said...

I'm glad you had an encouraging potty training event. Seems like it goes in stops and starts for MOST kids.

When you look at TVs, are they only selling the kind that are ready for the change to digital next year?

d e v a n said...

Good luck with the TV! YAY for the potty success.

Mommy Brain said...

Congrats on the potty success!

Good luck with the TV shopping. These new expensive models are ruining it for people who don't want to spent $1000 on a TV.

Nowheymama said...

Wow. E. and I are so not ready to start the potty training journey together. Maybe this summer when we can put the potty outside. :)