Sunday, March 16, 2008

I must be crazy

1. I have a home-party (jewelry--a favor for a friend) next weekend, and I haven't invited too many people yet. I just keep forgetting that it's coming up. This also means I NEED to clean my house.

2. Easter is next weekend! How did that happen? I don't have an Easter basket for Zachariah. (Is it necessary?) I don't even know if we'll be at our church or not. I feel obligated to sing with the choir, but I'd like to be with family for the holiday.

3. Busy, busy week ahead. I have choir practice Wednesday night, there is a special service at church Thursday night, Friday night is a community service that I must be at. Matt has a computer job either Mon or Tues night.

4. I haven't even scheduled Zachariah's two year check-up yet. I don't see why I should be in a big hurry. I take my perfectly healthy son to the pediatrician, so she can say he's normal and everything is fine.

5. The dog need to go to the groomer (he's needed to go for 3 months now). It's almost beyond need at this point. Matt gave in and trimmed his bangs last night...poor dog.

6. This is turning into a To-Do List. I should go make one.


Mommy Brain said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Which is also why Easter is sneaking up on everyone. I can't believe it's this Sunday. DH is off this week so it should be an...interesting...week for us.

Ummm, I now have to go back over your archives and figure out if I knew you had a dog. Seriously, you have a dog?

Enjoy your busy week!

d e v a n said...

Yes, I can't believe Easter is this week! yikes!
I want to see before and after pics of the doggies haircut. :)

Smiling Mom said...

Easter! Yikes... Baskets... The Easter Bunny needs to go shopping! Eeek.

desperate housewife said...

Oh yeah, Easter! Why is it so EARLY this year? I need a bigger gap between St. Patricks and Easter, this is throwing me off!

Jana said...

Good luck with that list! And I didn't know you had a dog, either!

Mommy Daisy said...

Hmm, apparently I don't mention our dog nearly enough. I think I've mentioned him in passing around here, but I've never really posted about him. But yes, we do have a dog. I can tell you about him some day.

jennifer said...

I KNOW what you mean about Easter. I grocery shopped yesterday and when I got home, I realized I'd bought nothing for making a fancy Easter dinner. I guess we're having taco bake casserole. I'm so unprepared.

saly said...

I don't know how it got to be Easter either. And I also feel like I need to make a big to-do list!!