Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More photos

We'll do some more photos of my darling boy!

1. Look what I found Mom!

2. A close up, because he's so sweet.

3. Zachariah hugging on Levi (Sam's baby brother, who is 4 months old). Ugh, this makes my heart burst.

4. Zachariah and my cousin Samantha. Another Sam (they were both named after my great-grandfather Samuel). (Oh, does this make her Zachariah's second cousin? Help me out here.) Zachariah and Samantha also share a birthday- March 3rd (hers in 2000 and his in 2006).

5. At the end of all the chocolate and other candy all the little kids (Zachariah, Samuel, and Samantha) had bananas. Because what else would say Easter like a banana? HA!


Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie!

desperate housewife said...

Love the bananas! If only my kid could be convinced that fruit is an appropriate holiday food.

Jana said...

What great pictures! He is absolutely adorable. :)

saly said...

I love these photos! He is too darn cute!