Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Praise Be

1. Choir practice went very well tonight. We had a rough practice last week, so I was concerned. Tonight's was longer than last night, but it went so well.

2. I have decided to go home for Easter. We will leave Saturday evening after my party. I started thinking how much I would miss the sunrise service at Matt's parents' church. And I would miss seeing our families. (We are sacrificing a few things here though: singing with my choir Sunday morning on songs I've worked so hard on, we'll miss the video testimony being shown of one of our friends, and we'll miss small group that night.)

3. The money for the plane ticket for Matt's Mali Mission's Trip (which is most of the trip cost) was originally due at the end of April. He has been slowly earning money, but we thought it would be cutting it close to get enough by then. A week or so ago we found out that they could get a better deal on plane tickets. It reduced the cost by almost half. But the payment would be due at the beginning on next week.

We've been praying that the money would come in this week in time for his payment. We were expecting a donation from one friend. And one of the couple's in our small group gave us a good amount to help cover expenses. Matt knew he had a computer job this week so that would help out too.

On Monday, a check came from a family (who Matt knew well growing up) that we'd sent a letter to with a check for a little bit of money. Then today Matt's cousin sent an e-mail letting us know that she and her husband sent a large check to our church for Matt's Mission's Trip. Talk about God providing. We didn't expect anything, especially an amount this sizable. Wow! And just in time for his money was due. God is paving the way for Matt to go minister in Mali.


Anonymous said...

Praise Be, Indeed!

Misty said...

Sounds great! I would love to head home for Easter! Have a great trip!

Jana said...

What wonderful news! Amazing how things just seem to "come together" when you need it!

And have a great Easter with your family....I can't wait to see pics of your little guy hunting eggs.

Mommy Brain said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything worked out with the plane ticket money!

It's nice that you've figured out plans that work for you with Easter.

Saly said...

It's a shame you'll miss singing with your choir after working so hard, but I'm sure the time with your family will be better spent.

I'm glad Mali is working out for Matt.