Monday, March 17, 2008

My boys

Tonight everyone was hilarious. I think it was something we ate for dinner. Not really, but who knows.

1. We were watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network, and when her show was over Emeril Live comes on. Zachariah, before even seeing the TV, heard the show coming on and said "Bam!". Then he went on to tell me it was "Emel Emel".
2. I cut a piece of sausage patty from my plate and put it on his when he requested more. He smiled and pointed to his pieces of food and said "Two, Free...cut". He was telling me I'd cut some for him. That is the first time he's counted on his own, and he always refused to count one. He will not say it. Strange. Still I was excited to see him counting.
3. He thinks every time we go into a store now we're looking for a new TV. "TV TV!" he'll shout. Guess he knows we've been seriously looking.

1. Had the serious giggles tonight. Serious! It was annoying, but yet I couldn't help laughing along with him most of the time.
2. Was wound up and practically bouncing off the walls. Why didn't he expel his energy playing with Zachariah? He was like this after Zac had already been put to bed.
3. We realized later that his burst of energy was probably from this candy bar that he ate after dinner. (I will hide the rest if there are any left.)
4. Thank goodness he crashed fast and went to bed about 10:00. He was really starting to get on my nerves.
5. Has been snoring in his sleep. He woke me out of a dead sleep the night before with this crazy sounding noise. I thought someone was breaking into our house (or at least trying to tear it down). I woke in a panic and was about to wake Matt to see what the sound was, then heard it again and thought maybe it was something else. The third time I heard the noise, I figured out it was coming from him.

1. Is our dog. (Since so many of you asked about him from my last post.)
2. He is a black and white cocker spaniel.
3. We adopted him when he was 1 1/2 years old. He is currently 8 years old.
4. He's lazy and likes to lay on the top of the couch.
5. He sorta likes Zachariah. He's not mean to him, but he doesn't really want to play with him yet either. He's always been very gentle and tolerant, but Zachariah would really like him to play. I think as Zac gets older, it will be better for Chip.
6. Chip's name is funny/ironic sounding when paired with our last name. That's how he got his name. So if you know my last name you can see how funny it is.


Shannon said...

I am going to the store to get that candy bar today. YUM!

saly said...

That candy bar sounds DELICIOUS! Has Matt had any sort of injury to his nose lately? Hub had a deviated septum, and had it repaired in 2006. Between that and having his tonsils out, he only snores now if he is really sick.

Misty said...

i didn't even know they made that. WOW...

Your boys sound great!:) I love that you included Chip...

Jana said...

Too funny about Zachariah and Emeril!

I think that candy bar looks yummy, too. I think something else just got added to tomorrow's Target list.

And thanks for telling us about your dog!

d e v a n said...

geez, no wonder your hubby was bouncing off the walls! Good thing you didn't give Z any!!! lol

As for the dog, now I want to know your last name. lol

Mommy Brain said...

1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't realize you had a dog.
2. I love cocker spaniels!
3. Now I keep thinking about all the names that are funny with Chip. Is your last name Anddip? or Munk? ;-)
4. Awesome counting for Z!
5. and LOL at Matt being hyped up on twix!