Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Terrible Twos

Who knew the Terrible Twos would hit so soon? Why didn't you people warn me? Well, they are here, and I'm afraid here to stay.

Zachariah has had so many tantrums in the past two weeks. And lately his tantrums are going to another level. When he wants something, he wants it now. When he doesn't get it, he cries. When that doesn't work, he throws himself on the floor. He does this so often now. It helps if I try to ask him to use his words to get something. Then at least he can explain to me what he wants, and this sometimes will help avoid a tantrum all together. I wish it worked more. I've seen other kids worse, but man, this is no fun at all!


andria said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but two is nothing compared to three. But four is better, so hang in there.

Smiling Mom said...

Uh ya. My son's started at 18 months old and lasted until three. Surprise!! :-) And for the record, I like three WAYYYY better than two. I guess each kid is different.

Mommy Brain said...

Trust me, I feel your pain.

One of mine started the terrible twos about 6 months early. The good news is that she's doing much better now compared to her sister who just started the terrible twos recently. I think 3 WILL be better for the simple reason that 3 years old are more verbal. (So far the 3 years old we play with/babysit for are WAY better than 2 year olds.)

The not being able to express what they want thing must be really frustrating. That's what most of A.'s tantrums are from these days, too. R is a little more verbal and has less tantrums. Her tantrums usually revolve around something she wants but can't have. (Distractions and timeouts are useful in those situations. anything except giving in.)

Hang in there!

Kelsey said...

We've had bad stretches on and off since Harper was about fifteen months old! I try to enjoy the good times and brace myself through the more difficult ones. I don't think it has always been the same, but her "bad" behavior seems to come in waves.

Hang in there!

Jana said...

Given his (previously) sweet disposition, I was hoping you'd be one of the lucky few who got to avoid the "terrible twos" altogether. So sorry it didn't happen.

I'm SO not looking forward to through that stage again!

d e v a n said...

Maybe it won't be so bad. d's terrible twos lasted from 18 months to about 2 yrs 3-4 months. Then he got WAY better, I think because his communication got WAY better (even though I thought it was pretty good previousl...)
Now 3, so far, kinda sucks. It's like a moody, sassy teenager in a tiny, irrational body.

Saly said...

Both of my kis were good at 2, ED started being awful at 3. I'm waiting to see what 3 brings us for CA. Hopefully it's temporary.

Zachariah, angry and crying in that crown, is actually pretty adorable. Then again, I'm not the one hearing him. ;)

kristi said...

By 4, my daughter was an angel but her "terrible 2's" started at 1!!!