Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ooga Booga

1. I finally got to go shopping with my friend today! Yeah! I didn't buy much, but it was good to see her and her youngest boy. We had a fun lunch with them. And Zachariah wants to play more with her little boy, who is about to turn 4. We'll have to invite them here for lunch sometime, so they can play together.

2. We had a good choir practice tonight, but it was grueling. The director (music pastor) was focused and made us work hard. We did parts over and over again. He made us put our music away and sing from memory. That was difficult, but we did well.

3. I found out today we might have a house guest for a couple of days in about two weeks. I hope that goes well. It also freaks me out a bit and makes me want to scrub and clean every part of my house. I don't think I have enough time before then. Oh well.

4. I cannot decide what to do for Easter. My family always has a big dinner (both of my parents families, and maybe Matt's parents and sister). But I also need to sing at church, and we have two services. To go to the dinner too, means we'd have to drive about an hour and a half after a long morning and drive back home in the evening. My cousin would like to see us (it's been since Christmas), but she'd have to drive about 2 hours after her church service (she works at a church) to get there too. Ugh. It just seems like a lot of work for one day. I'm considering inviting my cousin and her husband here (we're a bit closer) and make a small dinner for just us.


d e v a n said...

Glad you had fun with your friend!
GL deciding what to do for Easter. My parents are coming here, which should be nice, but I have no idea what we're eating. Luckily, my mom's a great cook. :)

desperate housewife said...

I like the small dinner idea. Or maybe you could see if the family would mind doing Easter dinner in the evening instead of for lunch?
Also, I missed commenting on your last post, but I KNOW! I fret about the economy all the time. Did you know the U.S. just borrowed billions more a few days ago? From the Federal Reserve, I think (which most people don't realize is actually a PRIVATE company) to give to the banks.
Sometimes it feels like our money is just Monopoly money these days. I worry about a crash, frankly.

Mommy Brain said...

My parents moved Easter Dinner to a different day so that we could still go to the IL's for dinner on Easter Sunday. I'm still not thrilled about the hour drive after a busy morning but it's better than having to go to both houses!

Surprise guest?

Saly said...

We haven't made Easter plans yet either. It's getting too close.....

Jana said...

I'd love to have a small, quiet holiday meal (but it will never happen) so that's my vote so that someone can actually enjoy their holiday.

And I love the title of today's post!

Erica said...

I don't know what we're doing for Easter, either. Other than gorging on candy and going to church in our spiffy Easter outfits. Well, Maddie's is spiffy. Mine will be thrown together at the last minute and I will hate how I look all morning.

I guess we're going to go to my dad and his wife's house for dinner. Oh joy : /