Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

1. It's a beautiful day here. Sunshine sure does cheer me up. It's a motivation to do so much (or sometimes just sit on a chair in front of the window).

2. Matt has to work today. Bummer. I hate that they're open on Good Friday every year. Most times I forget and think he has the day off. He get so many other holidays off (like Veteran's Day and Columbus Day, etc.). Oh well, I guess I'll have to go on with my normal Friday.

3. My house isn't too bad, but I know I have people coming over tomorrow, so I feel like I have to do all the deep cleaning around here. I'm going to be tired by the time this day is over.

4. Good Friday community church service tonight. Several churches in the area around ours join together for 2 services every year, and it takes place at a different church each time. We do a combined choir too. Each church's choir gets the music a few months in advance and practices it on their own. Then we get together for about an hour before the service and practice it together. It usually turns out pretty well. There is a lot of pressure on my choir though. Our church is by far the largest, and we have a music director/pastor on staff. He usually chooses the music and directs the group choir. But it's fun. We see familiar faces over the years. The services is a combination of all the pastors from these churches. It's always neat.

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