Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Choir, dryer, friends and colds

1. Choir is over for the season! I will miss it, though. We had a really short season this year. But it will be a nice break to be away from it for a while. We had a little party to celebrate and reminisce tonight. It was a lot of fun.

2. I did make a new friend from choir. Matt's been pushing me to get together with her sometime. He says I make friends easily, but then I don't pursue them and we lose touch. He thinks I'm missing out on some good friendships. True to my friend finding form, this lady has some stark differences from me. I suppose we have a few things in common, but the biggest thing is she doesn't want/like children. She is married, works full-time, and is busy and happy with her life the way it is. She just knows she will not have kids. Then there is me who has one and can't wait to have more more more. Regardless of that we can still have fun conversations. I wonder if I can find something fun for us to do. It might be hard because I'm used to having my son with me a lot. About the only time I don't is when I'm at choir (which is when I'm with her). She has met Zachariah and doesn't have problems with him, but you can tell she's not into kids. But I guess that doesn't really bother me. She doesn't have to be totally into my kid, I'm OK with that. And maybe being around him a little bit, she'll change her mind about kids. ;)

3. Matt bought a new dryer tonight. We had looked for one the night before and only found a few things that might work for us. So I told him just to go get one. He seemed to like the same things that I did, so I was not worried about it. He did well. I like the one he got. It works nicely, and it seems to cut my drying time in half. It's just a simple model, because we have a hard time finding a size to fit in our small little laundry closet. But I'm happy with my new machine. Laundry is a chore I love to do, so it helps to have "tools" that work well for me.

4. Zachariah has a cold. The poor guy is all stuffed up today. Yesterday he woke up with a runny nose. It got snottier as the day went on, and now it's mostly stuffed. His eyes are watery, he is eating much, and he's really tired. We went and got him some lotion tissues, so it wouldn't hurt as bad on his nose. It's still really raw from all the blowing and wiping though. I hope he gets better soon.


Saly said...

I like our new dryer too, except the door sticks a bit. It is also simple, but has cut down on my drying time. YAY!

I hope Zachariah is feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

We've been battling a fever and cold here, too. Hopefully yours is out the door soon.

Hooray on the dryer, too!

I'm the same way. I can easily talk to people but pursuing friendships is a whole 'nother book.

Jana said...

Good luck on pursuing the new friendship! It never seems to get easier, does it?

And yeah for the new dryer! Anything to make chores easier.......

desperate housewife said...

I'm glad you're taking steps to make new friends; I am not good about this. I'm big on comfort and generally turn to my sisters and friends from high school, none of whom even LIVE around here anymore, because I'm too lazy to go out of my comfort zone. Hope you guys keep getting together.

Mommy Brain said...

I have a friend (well, really, it's my husband's best friend's wife) who does not want children. Sometimes it's awkward because at parties we'll all be talking about our kids or plans to have kids. And how much can she really enjoy hearing us go on about baby names and breastfeeding?

On the other side, I really value her friendship because we talk about a lot of the stuff I don't get around to with my "mommy friends." Like good books we've read, or politics and current events. Plus, even though she doesn't want children, she still enjoys being around them. And if we spend time with her/them it's easier to do stuff we used to do pre-kids because there are more adults than children.