Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting sick...tired of lists

1. I'm not feeling well today. I woke up really tired and had a scratchy throat. Nothing has changed throughout the day. I think I'm getting sick. But I'm not sure with what yet. I've been really lucky lately. I haven't gotten any worse than this all winter. Let's hope I stay that way.

2. Matt was on toddler duty and I stayed in our bedroom ALL afternoon. I gave Zachariah lunch after church, then went straight to the bedroom. I came out after they'd had supper. I slept for quite a while, but I feel like I woke up a lot too.

3. I am so tired of lists! Thank goodness NaBloPoMo for March is almost over.

4. The theme for April is Letters. I was thinking about doing it (am I nuts?). There are more possibilities with that I think. We'll see. On one hand it drives me crazy trying to post each day, but I do like that it gives me some motivation to keep posting.


d e v a n said...

Glad your Saturday was good! Sorry you're not feeling well. Feel better soon!

Jana said...

Oh, no....hope you feel better soon.

The April NaBloPoMo sounds interesting, but I sure am going to miss your lists (even though you got tired of them)!