Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter photos

OK, here are the Easter photos (in "list" form of course). Unfortunately I don't have any great
posed photos of Zachariah in his Easter outfit. We got up so early that I didn't have time. And I
didn't get my camera out until later after he'd already napped and taken the jacket and shoes off. Maybe I'll make him wear the same outfit this Sunday and snap a few photos. :D Enjoy!

1. Zachariah's first Easter candy. My parents gave him his Easter present the night before, and my mom insisted that he be able to eat some of his chocolate/peanut butter bunny they gave him. To be fair that was the only chocolate he got from them. They also gave him raisins and a big toy dump truck and some little "Cars" cars (which he LOVES).

2. Zachariah hunting for Easter eggs. We spread them all over the living room for the little kids. There were 3 two-year-olds.

3. Zachariah finding more eggs with Daddy's help. He did really well gathering them all up. He'd go get arms full of eggs then bring them back to me to put in his basket. Then he started carrying around his basket for easier work.

4. Loving cousins. This is Zachariah with my second cousin's son, Sam. (Does that make Sam and Zachariah third cousins or second cousins once removed? I get so confused about all that.) They were hugging on each other. So cute.

5. Sam and Zachariah again. They were being so cute posing for photos. We love seeing them together especially at Easter, because it's neat to see how much they've grown. They are about the same age (Sam turns 2 on March 27th, and Zac's was March 3rd). And on their first Easter they were little babies with Zachariah being 6 weeks old and Sam being 3 weeks.

I have plenty more photos, but they won't load. I'll share some more tomorrow.

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saly said...

Isn't it so fun when they're finally able to interact with other kids? 2 of my cusins have kids the same age as ED (we just call them cousins all around because it's too confusing) and they have such a great time together!