Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday evening

1. My friend invited me to go shopping and to lunch. We haven't seen each other since our little overnight getaway in September.

2. We're getting a lot of snow right now that might just prevent my plans for tomorrow.

3. I've made some progress on organizing Zachariah's things this week.

4. I rearrange Zachariah's room earlier this week. My plan is to make enough room for most of his toys, so he can use it as a playroom too.

5. I bought a few storage containers to start getting his clothes stored in the attic instead of taking up room in his closet. I got two 25 gallon containers. They are both filled to the brim. And I only got newborn/0-3 month sized clothes and 3-6 month sized clothes. This kid has so many clothes! I hope we have another boy to wear these things some day.

6. I feel more settled tonight. It helped to make some progress on organizing. And tomorrow should be fun. (If we don't get to go because of weather, I'll get some more done around here.) Time to relax and unwind.


Mommy Brain said...

Your list of accomplishments needs to become my to do list. I feel a little buried by all the kid stuff around here. I want to clean the girls room out so they can play in it, too. Keep up the good work!

Hope it doesn't snow for you and don't work too hard!

Misty said...

Sounds like a fulfilling friday all around!