Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday bash

1. The cake that I finally made. I think it turned out great. It says "Zachariah - Since 2006" and "Happy Birthday" on the silo.
2. The cupcakes that went with the cake. You can see the "haystack" ones I created in the photo above. These are just topped with marshmallow barnyard animals (bunny, chick, cow) that I found with the Easter candy.
3. New friends. My sister brought her nephew over. He was born exactly a month before Zachariah. This was taken right after Zac got up from his nap and met Kaden. They got along really well.
4. Presents! Zachariah got lots of great things. If there were clothes involved, he quickly threw them to the side and went for the toys. The toys are now spread all over my living room...guess I need to get back to my organizing.
5. Grandparents, great-grandmas, aunts, uncles, great-uncle, second cousins, and parents. There were lots of people there to celebrate Zachariah's birthday with us. There could have been about 10 more people there, but they weren't able to make it at the last minute. I think it was just right the way it was. (In the photo are my grandmother- who you can hardly see, and Matt's parents with Zachariah.)
6. The cake! Zachariah was happy to finally get his cake. He's been after it all day. And he knew we bought that tractor for the cake and couldn't wait to get his hands on it. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him blowing out his candles, but he did well (I'll have to get the photo from my mom). And it was cute to watch him looking around at everyone as we sang "Happy Birthday". We caught him later in the day trying to sing it.

7. The sledding. Notice there are no kids around. I think most of them had gone in by the time I took the photo. I didn't get any pictures of Zachariah going down the hill, because I was using the video camera to tape it. Pictured here are my dad, Matt's dad, and Matt.
8. My sister, Rachel, sledding down the hill. Rachel and our dad got involved in a contest seeing who could sled the farthest. I guess they talked my uncle into trying too, and he ended up going over the drop into the creek. Luckily the creek was frozen, so he just slid right across to the other side. The bad part was the 6-8 foot drop down into the creek. It was hilarious though, as I just happened too look out the window when he did it. Wish I'd had my video camera on then. BTW, my uncle is fine and thought it was hilarious (he claims they didn't tell him about the drop into the creek and it's hard to see). They declared him the winner.
9. Relaxing and playing after sledding. Zachariah came in for some hot cocoa and decided to check out his new toys again. Pictured here with Zachariah are Matt's sister, Carol, and his mom.
10. It was a fun birthday party. Tomorrow my baby will be 2.


d e v a n said...

Sounds like he had a good time! Happy Birthday Zachariah!

Jana said...

What a great birthday party! And your cake and cupcakes are absolutely adorable.

Kelsey said...

Sounds like a fun and successful day. That cake turned out great. Harper's was so sketchy this year I never could bring myself to posting a picture. I love all the little details you thought of.

KatieBug said...

That cake turned out GREAT!!! Happy birthday Zachariah! :)

K in the Mirror said...

You did such a great job! Happy birthday Zachariah!

And sledding! How fun! :)

Bunny said...

THAT is such a cool cake! It looks awesome.

Saly said...

Happy Birthday Zachariah!!! I love the cake, great job!!

And yes, I am taking guesses. lol.

Gina said...

That's the cutest birthday cake I have ever seen!!!!

Shannon said...

I think you need to post about decorating cakes.

Adorable boy, absolutely adorable! Looks like a good time was had by all!