Sunday, March 9, 2008

Woo Woo

Zachariah sometimes calls firetrucks "woo woo trucks". It's so cute. And he says "woo woo" every time an ambulance, firetruck, or police car has its lights/sirens on. Today he got to see the police car lights up close. So much excitement just before bedtime. Without further ado, my lists.

Times you don't want to see police lights come on:
1. When you're speeding.
2. When you're in an accident.
3. When you run a stop sign.
4. Insert your options here.

Times when you DO want to see police lights on:
1. When you were in an accident (preferably not our fault) and need help.
2. When you see a crime about to occur.
3. When you can't turn the alarm off at 6:00AM when you open up where you work
4. When your husband tried to back into the snowy driveway, so he doesn't have to worry about getting stuck leaving in the morning. But he tries to back off the road in a hurry, because there is another car coming (ha, a police officer) a short distance away. Then said husband backs into the snowy yard beside the mostly-clear drive and finds out he can't move the truck, and the truck is blocking half of the road with on-coming traffic. Oh yes, that's when it's good to have a nice police officer who turns around, blocks off traffic (although there isn't much), puts on his lights (surely just to entertain the child in the backseat of the truck), and walks around with a flashlight making sure the husband has dug enough snow out from under the tires to move the truck. Yep, that's when it's nice to see lights. And the wife may have mentioned something to the kind officer thanking him for stopping, and I guess that's what husband gets for trying to hurry and back in the drive when it's snowy. Police officer just responds, "Yeah, that happens." and goes on his merry way.

Guess what which one happened to us tonight?

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Mommy Brain said...

That's just too funny. At least Zachariah had some entertainment!