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Friday, October 5, 2007


I've been too busy here lately. I'm hoping this weekend will be relaxing. I'm not even completely sure what's been keeping me so busy. I suppose our involvement in new activities takes up more time now. But I'm happy with those things, so we're adjusting.

Matt is enjoying having one evening a week with Zachariah to himself. They can go out for dinner, play together, and he gets to do bedtime. And it's so nice for me to get out alone for a while (for choir practice), and then come home to a peaceful house with a sleeping baby.

Yesterday my parents came over for a visit. They both took a week off work, but they haven't been doing too much. They went away one night and did some shopping. Other than that they've been staying home. I know my mother is worried about what's going on at work. She's also concerned about her friend, who has cancer, and is having complications right now. They won't tell her much of what's going on, because they want her to enjoy her vacation. My mom knows the friend is doing OK, but she thinks they learned more about her cancer spreading and it's probably not good. (It's been a long battle for this lady. She's been battling it for 7 years now.) Anyway, I think it was good for them to come here for a day and have fun. They seemed to really enjoy themselves, and I think they both needed the pick-me-up. Matt and my dad went golfing, which they both loved. Mom and I went shopping, which is always fun. Then my mom stayed here with Zachariah for a while, so I could go tutor. She thought it was funny the little things that Zachariah did that reminded her of me when I was little. I find it fascinating to hear about the similarities.
Today I can relax a bit. I don't tutor today. Matt is doing a computer job after work this evening, so he will leave right after supper. I'll probably play with Zachariah for a while, then put him to bed. And I'll have some quiet time to myself. YEAH! But until then it's just a lazy day for us here.
Oh, I almost other news...Zachariah speaks. This last week or so he has been an explosion of words. If he hears a word, he at least tries to repeat it. He has a handle on "car", "tractor", "more", and several others. Wow, it's been fun to see his "wheels spinning" now. We're embarking on a new journey.
So, speaking of the young one, here are some recent pictures. Enjoy.

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Sara said...

He is ust too cute. Sorry to hear about your mom's friend---going through that has got to be hard.

For the dip, I serve it with triscuits---but make sure they're plain not flavored, or wheat thins. It's delicious.

mamashine said...

I know you've said before that Zachariah is really tall, but I haven't seen a picture of his whole self in awhile. He looks REALLY tall and grownup in that middle shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Psst - I think someone replaced your baby with a little boy.

ttsc said...

He is so cute, and looking so big. Enjoy your night to yourself, it's good to have time to do your own thing.

d e v a n said...