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Monday, October 8, 2007


Tonight was a fairly typical dinner at my house. It's good, but it's bad. Let's break it down.

The good: Matt makes supper probably 40% of the time. I love this. He's a great cook. The times he doesn't cook, I usually get things ready before hand. Crock pot recipes are great. Or one dish things that Matt can throw in the oven when he gets home are good too. But if I don't prepare something, he'll take over. He's great at improvising and making something out of odds and ends we have around.

Zachariah ate brussel sprouts tonight. He loved them. I had to go back and get him more...twice! I told Matt we'll have to remind him in 10 years, that, yes, he used to eat brussel sprouts.

The bad: Although Matt makes a really good supper, he never cleans it up. He leaves out the pans and cooking utensils. He lets dishes pile up and throws them precariously in the sink...if they even make it that far. The kitchen is always a terrible mess after he cooks dinner. And I don't even mind cleaning up if he cooked it, but he never helps clean up when I cook. I don't get it.

Also, he leaves the table when he's done eating. I usually fix Zachariah's plate, then get him started. Then Matt and I will fix our plates and go sit down with him. Matt usually gets to sit down before me, because I have to fuss and make sure everyone has everything they need. So, we sit and eat as a family...until Matt is done eating. He'll usually sit there for a little longer, but then he takes off. He sometimes gets all his dishes into the sink before doing something else. I'm left to finish eating, take care of Zachariah, and then clean my dishes as well as the kids. Then I go clean the kitchen up, and right after that (if not before) I'm getting Zachariah ready for bed.

After all that, I clean up all Zachariah's toys. Matt almost never puts them away. I'll admit there have been a few times when it's not a huge mess, so I just make sure it's pushed to the side. But most of the time, I put everything away. Matt gets to sit and relax while I do this. He will ready Zachariah a story, and then I put him to bed.

At that point I'm exhausted. And Matt wonders why. Ha!


mamashine said...

My dad has always left the table as soon as he finishes too. For him it's a portion control issue- he has to get up when he feels full or he'll sit there and talk and eat the rest of the food on the table even if he isn't hungry. Maybe it could be something like that?

Do you ask for help? Because most guys seriously don't notice unless you flat out ask. :)

d e v a n said...

It's nice that he cooks! Not too cool that he doesn't help clean up though, especially when you cook.
I'd make it a rule or something.

Anonymous said...

In our house, the rule is if you cook, the other person cleans up. BUT, we make it a point to not be too messy when we cook. Gerald sometimes gets out of control messy when he cooks and he cleans up in those instances, too. Only fair.

I, too, have a husband who wants to sit and relax after dinner. I'm left to take care of Maddie all on my own, just like I do all day long. It must be nice to work normal business hours and get the evenings and weekends off!

Anonymous said...

My husband tells me that he has a higher "messiness threshold" than I do and that's why he leaves dishes in the sink or makes a HUGE mess when cooking (seriously....he messes up three times as many dishes when he's cooking than I do).

Maybe all men have the threshold problem. And maybe that's why we have to nag them.

kristi said...

Yep, I agree with Jana. And we have the same issue at my house as well.

Anonymous said...

Your husband cooks? Ever?! And if you say he almost never puts toys away that means he does do it sometimes right? And he reads. That is more than some people ever get.