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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little bits

I have several little things I've been wanting to blog about, but I can't get most of them to equal their own blog-worthy post. So, here they are together.

* Saturday morning I had choir practice at church. That meant that Matt & Zachariah had to get along together for a few hours. When I came home there was a tent set up in the living room in the form of a card table with many blankets on top. Zachariah was happy and Matt was painting in the kitchen nearby. Wow, I was proud of my husband for being able to entertain Zac like that. And he kept playing in it all day. We took it down after he went to bed that night. The next morning Zachariah wanted to make another one. He even showed me where everything was. Too cute. We'll save tent making for special days, though.

* Sunday we went to another small group get-together. So far we're enjoying the group. I talked about it a little in this post. I was nervous about it at first. Even after the first meeting I wasn't sure if we were going to fit in. Last week I felt a lot better about it. And this week was even better. I think it was just taking a little time for us to fit in. Honestly I felt like I'd have more problems fitting in with the two younger couples. I didn't know how they would accept us. But this Sunday it was us and the two younger couples. No one else was there. We had a great time. And Zachariah has warmed up to all of them. And they are all warming up to him. I think this is going to work. They have also decided that the group would like to put together a garage sale in the spring to raise money for Matt's Mali trip. We are so excited about that and feel really blessed.

* I started my period yesterday. Yuck. (Good thing I have peanut butter fudge around.) It's especially bad since this is the first I've had it in 2 1/2 months. Matt was concerned that I was pregnant, but honestly I knew I wasn't. I mean, I did think about it and would have been very happy. But Matt was worried, and I know it's not what he really wanted. Then when I told him that I definitely was not pregnant now, he seemed disappointed. Hmm, I find that odd. Maybe it's time to start trying for another baby. Maybe he's ready now. We definitely need to talk about it.

* To make it even more fun, I think I'm getting a cold. It's not bad, but my throat hurts. And my nose has been runny/stuffy off and on since last night. I know I got it from Zachariah. He woke up Saturday with a stuffy nose. Since I share food and drinks with him, I knew I was probably going to get it. Silly me.

* Thanks for the feedback about my eyebrows. Since no one told me that they were horrible and I must hasten to a salon to get them fixed, I think I will just leave them be. You wouldn't lie to me now, would you? I hope not.


Misty said...

I think that even though realizing a potential pregnancy could be at a tough time, and feeling angst about that- generally there is a lot of weighted sadness in the words "I'm not pregnant." And I don't know why... I have found that with many people, especially those who are in horrible life situations and are adamant they don't want to be... the words are still sad. Maybe that's Gods way of cushioning the reactions so that women don't have to feel silly when they are sad...

2Forgetful said...

Well, the starting your period and his emotions about it could be a great starting point for a discussion about baby #2. Although, I agree with misty, that even if you don't want to be pregnant, have a million reasons why you aren't ready for a pregnancy, etc there's still a sense of loss when you get confirmation that you aren't pregnant.

Hope you feel better soon. Yay fall weather, boo cold season. My girls have gotten me sick too. Yay kids.