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Monday, October 29, 2007

Brows and Cover Up

I have been thinking about my beauty regimine (or rather lack of one) lately. Then Kelli and Erica decided to talk about eyebrows and make-up. So I thought I'd turn to my dear readers for some advice. I am totally clueless when it comes to these things.

It's funny really that I am from a family of girls, but none of us were ever too overly concerned about our appearance (except our mother). Our mother did not pass this on to us, and it didn't matter too much to her that we weren't into all the make-up and stuff she is. I think out of all 3 of the girls, I probably wear the most make-up and am most concerned about my appearance. And it was the same way with most of my friend in high school and college.

So here are some questions for you, my dear readers. What can I do to these brows? I have never plucked, tweezed, or waxed them. Nothing, ever! I think it might be time. Here's the problem, I have no idea what I'm doing. Plus I don't really have the money to pay someone to do it for me. Any suggestions? I don't want to mess up and look horrible.

Also, I never wear much make-up. In the picture I have on eyeshadow (3 shades) and mascara. That's usually all I wear. Sometimes I'll throw on a little pressed powder or lipstick. I own a liquid foundation, eyeliner, and blush but I rarely use them. I always feel like I need a better foundation, but it seems to heavy when I do where it. And I worry that it looks horrible. Eyeliner, I am never happy with the way it looks when I do it. I don't know how to properly apply it. And I tend to have a shaky hand at putting it on. So, any suggestions about foundation (how to wear, whether or not I should wear, what kind do you like)? Any helpful hints about eyeliner? And any other make-up advice for me?

Thanks in advance. And also, I'll be posting some fudge recipes later. Keep an eye out! Complete with photographic evidence too.


KatieBug said...

Not ferrety at all! I am just a hairy person and have to do something about my eyebrow. I got the good skin and the bushy eyebrow. (Just one and it takes over my head if I am not careful.)It only costs $8 to wax a brow and $5 more to do the lip. But if you have never had to do it before don't start now. Removing the ferret is NOT pleasent! :)

mamashine said...

Must curse you in advance for fudge recipes.

I don't think you need to do anything to them. They look good. And I think once you start messing with them then the hair comes back more ferociously.

Your skin looks like mine- pink enough so you don't have to wear blush. :) I don't wear foundation either unless I'm going to have pictures made.

Anonymous said...

1. YAY fudge!!!

2. Your eyebrows are perfect. DO NOT mess with them.

3. I'm no help at all on the make-up thing. Although, I'm thinking about taking Amber's advice and getting a few make-up counter makeovers. I'll let you know if it turns out well.

Oh, as far as drug store items go, I LOVE the Neutrogena line. Especially the lip balms that have a sheer tint. Swipe it on, and your whole face brightens.

Anonymous said...

Your eyebrows look great! I'm with Erica - don't touch 'em. I am so jealous....I wish I could leave mine alone, but I have been cursed with lovely, bushy Northern European eyebrows.

And sorry, but I'm very little help on the makeup front. I only wear it 2-3 times a week (foundation, powder, a little blush, eyeliner) and even then I don't really know what I'm doing. I had my friend who sells Mary Kay do a make-over on me and she taught me quite a bit and now I use Mary Kay products (I switched from pricey Clinique) and I like them quite a bit (they don't feel heavy).

As for eyeliner, I use brown (black makes me look quite scary). I make sure it's sharp, draw a thin line on the bottom lid rim starting on the outer edge and going inward 3/4 of the way. Then I smudge it a bit so it doesn't look like an accent to the eye rather than a bold line.

I'm sure that's of no help, though. Looking forward to the fudge recipes....yummm.

2Forgetful said...

Do NOT mess with your beautiful eyebrows. Because once you pluck them you will be chained to a lifetime of plucking them. Or, much worse, you will be like me who needs to go pay someone to pluck them but has not found the time. Trust me. It's scary looking.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just found your obviously I should be commenting:) My best eyemake up trick is instead of using eyeliner I have a little angled makeup brush and I use it to smudge eyeshadow (black or brown) right into the base of my eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes look longer and is totally easy so you don't need a super steady hand!