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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New blogger feature

Has anyone else noticed the new Blogger feature in people's comments section? I noticed it today while I was doing my comment cruising. There is an option when you're making a comment that you can have all other comments for that post e-mailed to you. So far I think I like it. It saves me from going back again and again to a blog that gets lots of comments. I read all the comments before mine, post my comment, then I catch the rest in my e-mail. I can quickly delete them if I'm not interested or don't have the time to read them. It also gives me something to read on a slow blog day (not that I've been bored this week or anything). Has anyone else tried this new feature? What do you think of it? You have to remember to click the option for it each time or it won't work. Give it a try if you like keeping up with comments on other peoples' blogs.

1 comment:

jen said...

I like it but I wish I could set it to a different email address. I never check my gmail hehe