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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I had my 32 week check up with the OB yesterday. Have I mentioned that I've seen the same OB for the last 4 appointments now. I like her. She's laid back and a little quite. But she's nice and takes time to talk when needed. The practice I'm going to this time (my OB with Zachariah left town about a year later) has 3 doctors and several nurse practitioners  I've now met all the doctors (the other two only once each, but I liked them both) and the one nurse practitioner I've seen several times. I've seen so many people, though, that it feels nice to have a little consistency with this doctor. We haven't discussed the birth yet, so we'll see where she stands on some things that I want to ask about.

So, today I am 32 weeks pregnant. I can't believe that I'm already that far. Only 8 weeks or less to go. On one hand, I'm excited to meet this new little guy. But mostly I'm not ready yet, so let's not rush this thing.

My appointments have been really routine and uneventful. They are just checking normal things, like weight (I have finally gained a few pounds), blood pressure, urine, fundal height, and baby's heartbeat. Since everything looks good for now and I haven't had any big questions, the appointments go quickly.

In 4 weeks I start going to the doctor every week until baby is born. Hard to imagine we're that close. They also talked about an ultrasound at 36 weeks. I forgot to mention it to this doctor and haven't scheduled one yet. We'll see what she thinks. I'm betting she'll want one at some point there to check for size. Although this particular doctor is the only one who hasn't said anything about the size of my first baby. Maybe she'll be a little more laid back about it. I just know it's likely I'll have a large baby, but it doesn't scare me. I had a good delivery last time, and his size didn't cause any problems. Time will tell.

I have made very little progress on my to do list. But it's all still stuff that I need to work on. Plus I often think of more things that would be helpful to have done. I'm sure I'll need to enlist help of family and friends to get it all done. Thank goodness I have caring people in my life who have already offered.