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Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting There

*Oops, I didn't hit publish on this post last week.*

I really should go back to that post from a while ago and check out my to-do list. I know that some things have been crossed off, but I also know there are many things yet to be done. And if I look at it too long, I know I'll get discouraged. And I'll probably add to it. So, I won't bother.

Let's just say that things are getting done. I've had a few days of extra energy and motivation when I've been able to tackle some of the big things. Most days I don't have energy at all. It stinks, but I know that's just how it goes when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant. Some days I still can't believe it. A quick look down brings me back to reality, though.

So, even though the big project (the great room switch) could have been done months ago, it's not yet. My original goal was to have everything moved by Christmas. Ha! We're already past Valentine's Day and approaching Zachariah's birthday now.

But...the good news is we might have Zachariah in his new room by next weekend. I have most of the old office (his new room) cleared out. I have thrown away a lot of things, donated a lot of things, and have a lot of things in boxes that need to be sold. The big bookcase is now in our room. The cabinet is mostly cleaned out. Most of what is left in the room is baby stuff that will go to Zachariah's current room.

My mom is coming to help me paint next week. We'll paint Zachariah's new room and start moving stuff in as it dries. I'm hoping Matt & I can get the rest moved and have him settled by next weekend. Then we can start setting up baby stuff. The baby's room needs painted too, but I'm less concerned about that at this point. If we have time and it happens, great. If not, no biggie for now. I have the pack & play in our room already for when the baby arrives. He'll sleep in the bassinet insert in that for a while anyway.

Other than feeling the time crunch and wanting to get everything done, I'm doing well. The pregnancy is progressing nicely. I have been seeing the OB every two weeks for a while now. They are simple and quick appointments. We will have an ultrasound done in 2 weeks. This is mostly to check for size (they think I'll have another big baby). And then I'll be seeing the Dr. every week. We'll start discussing birth plans and all that fun stuff. It's coming so soon!


kristi said...

Best wishes!

Fran said...

So happy things are going well!!