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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My To Do's

I feel like I have so much to do before the baby's arrival. The problem is that I don't have the energy to get much done. The closer we get, though, the more these things bug me. So I'm going to start a list here. Maybe I can update as I go. It might help to have a little accountability.

  1. Switch bedrooms - This is a big project and involves other small projects to get there. We are taking a room that has always been an office/spare room and turning it into Zachariah's bedroom. Lots of cleaning out, selling furniture, storing things, getting rid of things, etc. Once we get Zachariah in that room, then we can start getting his old room turned into the baby's nursery.
  2. Paint - I'd really like to get Zachariah's room painted before we move him in. Then paint the nursery too. (My mom will help, but I don't know if it will happen in time.)
  3. Paint changing table - I just bought a used changing table, but it's really light & the crib we have is dark. Doesn't match at all, so I'm thinking of painting the table. Maybe in a blue/gray color combo to match the nursery decor.
  4. Sell old toys and such - I have a box off things that came out of Zachariah's room and the office that need to leave my house. I donated a bunch, but have a box of "sell-ables". I need to get them listed and out of my house.
  5. Get out baby clothes - All our baby clothes are stored. I need to get them out, go through them, and wash them.
  6. Make baby items - I have fabric to make a nursing cover, car seat cover and burp clothes for the little one. I want to get the nursery ready, so I have somewhere to put everything when it's made.
  7. Clean my bedroom - It just needs it, but I also have to clear out a corner to move a large bookshelf in from the office. Plus pretty soon I'll be setting up the bassinet in there too.
  8. Finishing buying diapers & prep diapers - I only have a start on my cloth diaper stash. I know what I want, but I'm waiting to see if I can get a sale on some of the others I want to get.
  9. Prepare a few freezer meals for quick fix after baby is born - We're pretty blessed with friends, family, and a church that will provide meals for a little while when we bring the baby home. But I think it would be good to have a few things handy for those hectic days, maybe after Matt goes back to work. I don't worry about food when he's home, because he's a great cook. And that's one big way he helps me out when I'm busy with baby.
  10. Get a big brother/new baby gift - I think it would be nice to let Zachariah pick out a stuffed animal or something to give the new baby at the hospital. And maybe something from the "baby" for Zachariah. Ideas??
I'm sure there are more...many more things that need to be done. But these are the big ones for now and the ones that are bothering me. I know things will get done. And the ones that don't, I'm choosing not to fret about. We have the basics for baby. He will be fed, changed, and have a safe place to sleep. The rest really won't matter in the end...but it would be nice to be ready completely. (It would make me feel better at least.)


Jessica said...

Someone's in nesting mode ;)

I'm right there with you! I'm obsessive with my to-do lists right now.

As far as a big brother gift - maybe a gift bag full of things to keep him occupied during those first few weeks with the new baby - a new video, some coloring books, a toy he has been wanting, etc.

Cherish said...

Oh I remember that stage! Im about 10 or so weeks behind you so Im aware that it's coming up, but Im so not ready to fret yet! lol. I don't have a thing for baby nor do we know where he/she will be sleeping. Sounds to me like you're right on track :)

Cherish said...
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