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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My little funny boy

Here is a collection of some things my son has been doing lately that completely crack me up.
This is what he wanted to do after he coughed. He pointed to the bathroom then drug the trashcan out. Probably because we started following him around last night (after the drama the night before) when he started gagging/making weird possible throwing up noises. (He never did get sick, but I guess he thinks this is what he should do when he cough. Ha.)

Zachariah loves helping me with laundry. This time I left to use the bathroom and told him to go ahead and empty the dryer. When I came back he had pulled the lint trap out and emptied lint all over the floor...then pulled clothes out for me.

Looking through the grocery ad in the Sunday paper.

Potty time with Thomas the train book. This has been my bribe for him to stay sitting on the potty. It worked. On Monday he asked to go potty, and he peed on it! (Big milestone for us. He's gone on the potty before, but never like that. We made a huge deal of it. And we're hoping for more to come.) P.S. Pardon the unfinished bathroom remodel project.

This morning while eating breakfast, I found Zachariah putting his applesauce into his cereal. It's a new creation he likes to call Rice Krispies a la applesauce. He didn't eat anymore after that.

Do you see that block he's putting on the truck? The orange one? We've been practicing his colors (he does pretty well), and he calls orange "orange juice". It is so cute and makes me laugh every time.

This one might be hard to see, but he found a sandwich bag in the kitchen. He things it's to put as many toys as he can in it. Ha.

Last week he smashed his finger in the dog's cage. I held him for a while then put ice on it. He sat there by himself when I got up to answer the phone. When I got back he'd pulled the ice out of the dish towel and was holding it saying "brrr brrr icy icy".

This is a holiday bear (we names Snowflake) Zachariah got for Christmas from my grandmother. He's been taking him with is when I change his diaper. Then he insisted that it have a diaper too. I found a sample of a size 1 diaper I got in the mail after he was way too big to wear that size.

He loves this bear and treated it like a baby for a long time. He even wrapped it in a blanket and laid it in his toy cradle for nap time. Here he is kissing and hugging the bear.

Zachariah has decided he likes to help me cook and bake (when I let him). One day he was playing with his cool wooden pizza set, and he kept going back and forth to the kitchen. When I went in to investigate he had lined all the pizzas on the stove. A little later I found that he'd gotten the cupcake wrappers out (on his own) and put them on top of the pizzas. I'm not sure when culinary creation he's inventing, but it looks interesting.

I'm sure there are many more funny things this little guy does, but this is a highlight of the latest. At least he keeps me smiling.


Misty said...

what a helpful and handsome little fellow!!!

Saly said...

He is too cute!!! CA pretended to throw up in bowls and buckets for weeks after she had the flu.

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable and such a big boy now!!! (I know I say that every time, but I can't help it!)

Anonymous said...

What a big boy! Using the potty already - wow! He really is a handsome little guy!

Anonymous said...

I love the breakfast picture. He's still got his sleepy face on.

If Maddie weren't already bethrothed to Swistle's Henry, we'd be staking a claim on Zachariah!

d e v a n said...

CUTE pics! Love the potty one. He already looks like a little man. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those made me laugh. How cute! Posts like that make me feel a little bit more confident about being able to handle having a child in a few years.

kristi said...

He is too adorable!! And growing up so fast.